Duties of a Student Essay in English

In fact, if we talk about it, to earn the education of the student, which is the life time. It is like a raw pot which can be broken and molded into any shape by anyone. That’s why a student needs to understand the duties and rights very well in this period.

During this period, the student studies with full mind and duty to achieve his education. No student has to pass just by giving the exam. Rather, it is necessary for him to become meaningful with success by understanding his duty and right in his life.

Normally a student attains knowledge in his life. Along with that he has to perform some duty. When a student goes to school and college, he keeps on giving various types of examinations accordingly. The one who remains within the limits of this period is called student life.

Student’s Duty

The life time of a student is the most golden period. If he understands his duties and rights well during this period, then he will surely achieve his success.

Whatever the student learns and understands during his life education or the moral qualities he adopts, he builds his personality and character in the future. who play a major role in his life.

Every student has a duty towards his school that all the discipline made by him should be followed. You should make every possible effort to make the school the highest and along with your classmates, help keep the school premises neat and clean.

We can also say that student life is the foundation stone of a human being. In this lifetime, the student remains free from every worldly responsibility, then after that he has to perform many responsibilities and duties in his life.

The first duty of every student is to always respect their parents. Because every parent has only one wish that their child should grow up and bring laurels to the country.

Student Introduction

A student is called one who studies knowledge. The student who learns in his golden period i.e. student life. That directly affects his personality. Some students reflect whatever education they get from their parents and their teacher in their daily life.

The life of every student is very precious, because at that time he is free from every worldly tension. Still he has to perform many duties. which is like this –


It is very important to have discipline in every student. Because without discipline no student can become a good and hard-working student. The one who has discipline, completes every work on time. Any student follows the path shown by his parents and teachers. One day he definitely becomes successful and brings laurels to the country.

Respect for Elders

It is the first duty of every student to respect elders, parents and teachers. For a student, who is sent to school by his parents after working hard, then keeping this in mind, it becomes his duty to give special respect to his teacher and parents.

Whatever education is received by the teachers, it should be given respect and respect with true heart and loyalty.

Duty to the Nation

It is the duty of a student to respect all his national heritage. Especially he should always respect the national emblem, national anthem and constitution of his country. As a responsible citizen, one should always work in the interest of the country, And the name of our country should be illuminated.


In life, every student has to perform many types of duties in his life. That’s why every student should take every step in his life very thoughtfully and under discipline. Whoever works with hard work and dedication by staying disciplined can become a successful person in future.

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