Essay on Ambition In English for Students & Children

It is considered very natural for people to be ambitious. Because every human being has a different ability to achieve something in his life. People who are ambitious work with full dedication and energy to make their dreams come true.

The main basis of being ambitious is what we want to become in the future. Because being ambitious in everyone’s life has a different importance. Those who do not have ambition, they are not able to progress in their life later.

Because until a desire is not born in our life, that energy and passion is not visible in us. That’s why it is said that one should set at least one goal in life and move towards it with full dedication.

Meaning of Ambition

Ambition means what we want to become in our life. Because everyone’s life shows a different form of being ambitious. The sooner we identify our purpose or ambition in life, the better it is.

Only those who are ambitious achieve success in their life. When there is no purpose within us, then no means are visible in his life. Because of this, he does not feel like doing any work and does not have any desire to get anything.

Being ambitious makes people feel like doing their life work and complete it with full energy and dedication.

My life Ambition is My Wish

It is because of man’s intelligence and desire that he is considered the most famous and best in the world. A person does not become ambitious just by nature. It is most important to work hard and be natural in his life.

In everyone’s life, aspiration is associated with their own desires. Like everyone else, I also aspire to do something in my life and achieve my goal. Everyone’s aspiration is wonderful and different.

Some have a desire to travel the whole world and some have a desire to climb high peaks etc.

Few Lines on Ambition in Life

  • There is a mixture of struggle and happiness in everyone’s life.
  • People’s ambitions in their life make their life beautiful and intelligent.
  • Ambition is such a thing in everyone’s life that everyone wants to achieve it in their life.
  • Having an ambition in our life helps us to identify our goal.
  • Maintains natural and energetic ambition in everyone’s life.
  • If you have ambition in life, definitely your confidence level will increase and discipline will come in life.
  • The main aim of my life is to acquire knowledge and impart it to others. To inculcate the spirit of education among the people.
  • Having too much ambition can also be a dangerous attitude of people because some people’s thinking is different from the society.


Friends, none of us are born ambitious. As we grow up, we develop a sense of ambition according to our purpose. We have to do a lot of efforts and with full sincerity to make our ambition successful in our life.

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