Time is Precious Essay, Valuable Use of Time

Everyone knows the importance of time, especially those who are punctual. The speed of time is amazing. The cycle of time goes on continuously; it does not wait for anything. If the most important time in life or in the whole world is that time. If a man has everything destroyed, but if he has time, he can again achieve his things by working hard and struggling.

That’s why it is often said by the people that time can be put to good use only by considering it as the most valuable money. Some lazy people sit thinking that their time will come sometime, but time does not come nor goes for anyone, they keep on moving according to the dynamic of their time.

By doing good deeds by ourselves, time can be used well by staying well. We can make ourselves progressive and fortunate by doing good deeds continuously. Apart from this, the goodness of time cannot be tested by anything; it is only a waste of time.

Good Use of Time

Achieving success in life on time is an important secret that lies in it. If a person recognizes the process of time and uses it properly, then he can progress through his progress.

Such a moment also comes in a person’s life that if a person recognizes him and starts work in the right direction at that time, and then he will definitely get success, he can never fail. Everyone has got equal access to use time in the life of every person.

If we talk about the use of time, then such people do not become great, behind their greatness is their hard work with time. Not only do great people waste their time in vain, they make good use of their opportunities, which is a big recognition of their success. The person who tackles his work in the right time according to the time, he finishes it on time.

We can reach our destination only by making good use of time, otherwise even after a little time, we are left far behind.

There is a saying in our folk life that whoever does not appreciate the time, remains far away from his goal. To walk on the right path, we have to understand the importance of time, only then we can achieve our destination at the right time.

Success over Time

People do not only need to dream to get a success, but only by working hard on time, that dream can be fulfilled.

The former President of our India, Dr. P.J. Abdul Kalam ji had said one thing that if you want to dream, look while you are awake and not sleeping. Because this means that if we leave something saying that tomorrow we will do it from this time or will do it at that time, then we are left far behind.

We should do everything in time; whoever thinks about the work should start it immediately from time. One should not leave any work on today or tomorrow and should never back down from his duty, whether that work is small or big.

Talking about reality, any person should do all the work with good manner and care, making good use of time, good behavior.


Man should never disregard time and any work. Just as we need every second of time to breathe, we should also keep working properly all the time. Man has to spend time with time from birth to death, at the same time good and bad are also recognized, so time is very important in our life.

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