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Time is considered to be the most valuable money. Therefore we should not misuse this valuable money meaning time because once time goes, then it does not come back. No, time does not wait for anyone. This means that time does not wait for us, time will come and go. That’s why we should make good use of it in time.

The importance of time tells that if money is lost, it can be earned again. If our health is lost, it can be improved again. But once time is lost, it cannot be brought back.

How to Make Good Use of Time:

In order to make good use of time, we should fix a fixed time for each of our work. If we can do all our work on time, then our life will be pleasant, peaceful, tension free and orderly. We will never have to regret that I wish this work. it would have been better if i had done it earlier.

The person who does not understand the importance of time, wanders here and there, wastes time with people without meaning, such people do not progress in life. They are left behind in the race of life.

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Time is like dry sand. Just as sand is rubbed in the hand, it falls, and the hand becomes empty. In the same way, if time goes out of hand, then the hand will not come again. Time is the most valuable thing in this world, its It is necessary for everyone to follow. Time is very powerful. Those who do not follow time can never move forward.

Time is the key to success, Time always runs, Time does not stop for anyone. Misuse of time is the biggest enemy in the way of success in life. We should do everything on time without delaying any of our work.  Time governs everything; Time always moves in the forward direction.

Importance of Time

Along with our work, we should also take out time for other work like nation service, caste service and social service.

Time is an important role in the life of man, and the person who understands the importance of time definitely goes on the path of progress. Apart from this, the person who wastes time always fails.

In today’s fast-paced world, every second of time is important. Because once this precious time is gone from our hands, it will not come back. And leaving us all behind will go ahead.

An example to understand the importance of time is that suppose the sun does not come and go on its own time, what will happen? What if it doesn’t rain at this time? Similarly, if we do not do our work on time, then we have to repent.

Sant Kabirdasji has said that –

“Do it tomorrow, do it today, do it today, do it now.”

It means that we should not postpone any work. We should do daily work. If we leave our work in tomorrow instead of today, then that work will never be completed and the work will keep increasing day by day. Because we have time for others. Only then will someone find time for us in trouble.

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Meaning Of Time

Laziness is the biggest enemy of man. Lazy man cannot do anything in his life, he can never progress. Lazy man’s life is often spent in lethargy and sleep.

The Lazy man’s intellect becomes less and his resolve becomes weak. Such people always blame time instead of blaming themselves.

The speed of time cannot be stopped. Therefore, it should be used while evaluating time properly. No matter how many techniques scientists do, but they cannot do time in their lineage, they also have to move according to time. If we want to make physical, mental and spiritual progress, then we must learn to use the time wisely.

To make good use of time, there are many such things, which we have to learn from time to time, we have to walk with time, even after stumbling; we have to walk step by step with time.


Time is a very valuable wealth for us. It should never be misused. We should always move with the times, only then we will be able to progress in life.

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