Essay on Health in English for Students & Children

The definition of healthy of a human being includes many aspects, without which it becomes difficult for a person to enjoy life. For a healthy person life can be enjoyed only then. When he is completely mentally and physically healthy.

Every person can enjoy good health only when he is mentally and physically healthy. Otherwise, he will be suffering from some disease, then despite having everything, he cannot enjoy that thing.

What we eat and drink to keep our health right, it all decides on its own. If your eating habits are good along with your lifestyle, then definitely your nature looks good.


We can call only that healthy person who is completely mentally and physically fit. If we stay healthy or we keep our body healthy, then our brain also develops due to it.

An unhealthy person can never enjoy the activities happening around him in his life. Because he spends his whole life in pain because of the sorrows of his diseases.

We should develop the habit of being healthy with our wealth. Because the pain of disease is such that you cannot enjoy any happiness even if you have wealth.

Importance of Health

Healthy living of every person is very important for him. It is said that a healthy person does any work with full dedication. He enjoys his life to the fullest.

An unhealthy person is not able to get the happiness of his life properly. Most of his time is also spent in his unhappy life.

A healthy person can take a resolution to achieve something in his life. Because being healthy, he can work hard and for a long time without getting tired.

The same unhealthy person does not feel like doing any work. His energy power decreases due to which one cannot do any work for a long time.

Health is Wealth

People’s health is its real wealth. Because we cannot celebrate any happiness in our life without proper health. It is good for a person to laugh openly only when he is mentally and physically fit.

Because it is clearly visible in his laughter that how good his health is. An unhealthy person always looks mentally and physically weak. He wants to do some work but he is not able to do it successfully.

But a healthy person is always on the lookout for diseases. He keeps on strengthening his physical strength from time to time. So that he can get money and other comforts in his life very well.

We need to be mentally and physically healthy in order to move forward. Because good health motivates us to move forward in life. The wealth of our life can only be earned and not bought.

Important Things for Good Health

Many things are necessary for every person for good health. which is like this –

  • A person should do yoga and exercise daily to stay healthy. Because of which the body remains mentally and physically strong.
  • It is very important to take nutritious food to stay healthy. That’s why he should take diet regularly.
  • If we suspect any disease, we should immediately consult a doctor. Even if there is no doubt about anything, we should keep getting it checked from time to time.
  • For a human being to remain healthy, he is in dire need of adequate sleep. A healthy person should take at least 6 hours and maximum 8 hours of sleep.
  • Always fix the time of eating food and drink water before eating, you can drink a little water while eating. But one should not drink water on a full stomach immediately after eating, it is beneficial to drink water after an hour.
  • We should avoid eating fast food outside.


In today’s time, people do not have time to keep their health right. It has become very important for us to keep our health right.

To keep their health right, they should follow the appropriate points to remain friendly and healthy. Whatever necessary points towards health should be followed.

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