Pollution Essay in English, Types Of Pollutions

Pollution EssayThe problem of pollution remains all over the world. Due to this, the risk of global warming is increasing. Due to the increase in pollution, deadly diseases like cancer are increasing. It has many negative effects, humans. The age of it is decreasing. People are not getting pure air.

Due to pollution, the environment has also become impure. This pollution is caused by the activities done by mankind. At this time, human is not taking care of the balance of sanitation and environment, due to which the level of pollution is increasing day by day. And all the living creatures on the earth are also affected by it.

Due to Pollution

In the present times, the way in which modern and technological discovery is progressing rapidly by man, but human is failing to protect the environment. The main reason for pollution is the damage caused by people taking more than their consumption. They throw it on open spaces, due to which it keeps rotting and the toxic chemical emanating from it defiles the atmosphere there.

Increasing pollution includes many sources. The environment is also being polluted due to land, air, water, noise. Due to its various inhuman activities, pollution is increasing.

The main reason is due to increasing use of pesticides in the fields, deforestation, growth in growing cities, acid rain, and soil mining.

The increasing cause of pollution means that the environment is being polluted due to the mindless and irresponsible antics of the people.

Types of Pollution

Pollution, a pervasive threat to our environment, manifests in various forms, each exerting its own detrimental impact on ecosystems and human health. These include air, water, soil, and noise pollution, collectively posing a critical challenge to the well-being of our planet.

Air Pollution

This means polluting the air, which makes it difficult for people to breathe. Pollution is caused by chemical smoke coming out of large factories. Due to the smoke coming out of the chimney of the brick kiln in the village. Even air is getting polluted.

All these toxic fumes go up and mixed in the pure air and pollute it, which makes it the people difficult to breathe. The smoke coming out of the factories in the air for 24 hours tomorrow is polluting it.

An increasing number of vehicles and motorcycles and the smoke emanating from it are also polluting the air. People do not change the automobile oil quickly, causing black smoke and polluting the air.

During Diwali, people burst firecrackers so much. People also ignore government restrictions, do not follow the rules. More firecrackers are burnt than the smoke that comes out of firecrackers is very harmful. Combines in the air and pollutes the air.

What we use for our convenience in our homes, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. All the CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) extracted from it keeps polluting the air.

There are many types of diseases caused by air pollution. Asthma, measles, TB. Diseases like diphtheria, influenza, spread by air pollution.

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Water Pollution

The contaminated water comes out from our homes and gets into the rivers. The waste from factories and companies flows into the rivers. The water gets polluted by the spraying of fertilizers, fertilizers, and pesticides used in our agriculture.

People go for a walk on the banks of the rivers and throw garbage in the river after eating and drinking it. The houses and the people living in the building also drain the waste garbage in the house, which contaminates the water by going into the river.

People wash clothes in the rivers and ponds and bathe the animals. They also contaminate the water of the pond or canals with its dirt. People do not have toilet facilities because people defecate in the opener and then in the rainy season. It gets mixed with the flow of water in rivers and streams.

Sometimes people go to the crematorium to burn a corpse, then take all the dead person’s clothes with him. Then with the corpse of the corpse – 2 also shed their clothes in the river. The river due to dirty clothes Water is contaminated.

When some live animals die, people shed them in the rivers, due to which the water keeps rotting and also contaminates the water.

There are many types of fatal diseases due to water contamination. Diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera are caused by water pollution.

Noise Pollution

Its is caused by the noise of the people more than the hearing ability. Noise pollution is transmitted from the objects made by the people using the technology such as loud noise emanating from Such as the loud sound emanating from the machines, the sound of DJs, the horns of vehicles and motorcycles.

People perform programs for their devotion or for a party or something. In which the DJ, the sound, keeps on playing, due to this the people around them have a problem. This is also one of the reasons for increasing noise pollution.

As technology is increasing in human life, the problem of noise pollution is also increasing. People keep on dancing and singing DJs for every event. Objects created by the technology of people such as motorcycles, trains, airplanes, etc. are devices, due to which people are facing a fatal problem of noise pollution.

Diseases caused by noise pollution like high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, insomnia, and other mental illnesses are also due to it.

Land Pollution

Earth i.e. land is the mainstay of living of all living animals. But there is pollution by people here too. One is that due to the increase in population, the place of living is decreasing in the same way. Due to deforestation. Pollution of the land is increasing. Due to continuous deforestation, the level of oxygen in the atmosphere is decreasing and due to this, the balance of all living animals on the earth is deteriorating.

People living at the grassroots are increasing pollution of the land due to deforestation and mining mafia. Due to deforestation, the land is becoming barren and the land is getting eroded. The balance of this nature is deteriorating.

It is also spread by the farmers because farmers use pesticides in their fields to protect the crops from insects. The fertile soil is getting spoiled by the pesticide medicine, as well as the fertile bacteria also die.

People use chemical fertilizer to increase crops quickly or produce crops in the villages. People do not want to use cow dung manure. Some people throw garbage in the fields in such open fields which only damages the land.

Main Sources of Pollution

The main sources of pollution are many which are shown below –

  • Keep waste things in the house, do not destroy them at the right time. Like cooler water, garbage dumped in the house, etc.
  • A large amount of chemical material is used in homes, such as soaps, detergent powder, and industrial goods, to be kept in vain.
  • Plastic (non-rotting bag).
  • Carbon mono oxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3), CFC (Chloro Fluro Carbon).
  • Fertilizer (Urea, Potash).
  • Dirty water.
  • DDT Pesticide medicine
  • Loud sound.
  • Increase in population.

Short Essay on Pollution

Pollution is a multifaceted threat that plagues our planet, affecting every living organism. It encompasses various forms, including air, water, soil, and noise pollution, each with its own set of detrimental consequences. The alarming increase in pollution levels poses a significant challenge to the environment, human health, and biodiversity. This essay aims to shed light on the causes, effects, and potential solutions to this pressing issue.

Causes of Pollution

  • Industrialization and Urbanization: Rapid industrial growth and urban expansion have led to the release of harmful chemicals and pollutants into the environment. Factories emit toxic gases, while urban areas generate significant amounts of waste.
  • Transportation Emissions: The widespread use of vehicles powered by fossil fuels releases pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter into the atmosphere.
  • Agricultural Practices: The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides contaminates both soil and water bodies. Additionally, livestock farming contributes to methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.
  • Improper Waste Disposal: Inadequate waste management leads to the accumulation of non-biodegradable materials in landfills, contaminating soil and groundwater.
  • Deforestation: The removal of forests disrupts the natural balance, contributing to air and soil pollution, as well as loss of biodiversity.

Effects of Pollution

  • Health Implications: Pollution is a significant contributor to a range of health issues, including respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and even certain types of cancers. Vulnerable populations, such as children and the elderly, are particularly at risk.
  • Environmental Degradation: Pollutants contaminate ecosystems, leading to soil infertility, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Aquatic life is especially vulnerable, with marine habitats suffering from oil spills and plastic pollution.
  • Climate Change: Greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, contribute to global warming and climate change. This leads to rising temperatures, melting polar ice caps, and more frequent extreme weather events.
  • Economic Consequences: Pollution-related health issues and environmental damage result in significant economic costs, including healthcare expenses, loss of productivity, and expenditures on pollution control measures.
  • Social Disparities: Pollution often disproportionately affects marginalized communities, exacerbating existing social inequalities.

Solutions to Pollution

  • Transition to Sustainable Energy Sources: Promoting renewable energy alternatives, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower air pollution levels.
  • Stringent Environmental Regulations: Governments must enforce and strengthen regulations on industries, transportation, and agricultural practices to limit emissions and pollutants.
  • Promoting Sustainable Agriculture: Encouraging organic farming practices and responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides can mitigate soil and water pollution.
  • Waste Management and Recycling: Implementing effective waste disposal systems and promoting recycling efforts can help reduce landfill waste and limit soil and water contamination.
  • Public Awareness and Education: Raising awareness about the impact of pollution and educating the public about sustainable practices empowers individuals to make environmentally conscious choices.


The Pollution is a global crisis that requires concerted efforts from individuals, communities, industries, and governments. By acknowledging the causes, understanding the effects, and implementing sustainable solutions, we can work together to combat this menace and create a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Now We should not use more stuff than necessary. We want to plant more and more trees so as to keep the environment balanced. Use technology keeping in mind the environment. We want to ban the land mafia.

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