Essay On Internet In English l Uses Of Internet in Our Daily Life

Internet is playing an important role in our lives today. Just like bread, clothes, house is necessary to live, in the same way internet is equally important in modern times.

The discovery of internet by science is an important invention for us. Internet Through no one stays away from anyone, it seems that the person in front of us is in front of us, who is talking to us.

Our way of working and living with the Internet has changed. By using the Internet, it seems that our day has changed from 24 hours to 6 hours, because now we are able to do more work than before.

The word internet means being connected to each other like a network. Likewise, all computers are connected to each other through the medium of the Internet, which interacts with our information. Thus the process is called internet.

Internet access

Due to the advantages of its use, it is used in every small and big place in the world. Such as offices, schools, colleges, shops, railway stations, airports, hotels, and most of all, every person uses internet in our homes.

Importance of Internet

Through the internet, we can get information from any corner of the world sitting in our house. Through this, if we have any problem or need information, we can go to the website and get it in no time.

Now in the school too, taught by the Internet Goes, use the projector in the school, so that the children understand quickly.

If the children want to make a project, they resort to the internet or if there is a problem on a subject, then they can overcome their problems through the Internet.

Internet is being used very fast in offices as well. Internet makes work quicker, now boss people have to have a meeting, so they use video calling or conference calling more. There is savings and work gets done very easily.

Internet and Technology

With the help of internet, scientists can talk to people who have been sitting on earth – sitting in space. Countries can also see border security.

Satellite scientists roaming outside the earth keep sending all information day and night in collaboration with the Internet. By keeping a watch on many types of activities happening on the earth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet is beneficial for children as much as it is harmful. Children are misusing it along with their use.

Instead of studying, they are playing games, watching pictures, listening to songs and using the wrong website.

Due to which their life and future is going to be in danger. Therefore, children should use the Internet only in the care of adults.

Today people are easily getting many facilities like business, banking, online shopping, education, and entertainment types due to internet. People are finding it difficult to live life without internet.

A lot of problems are also arising due to the internet. Withdrawal of people from the bank by hackers or hack any system and steal his personal file. On receiving anything online, get something else in its place.


We have many advantages from the internet such as sitting at home, we are able to talk to our relatives, we can enroll in school or college.

We can do many bank jobs online. Internet has changed our way of life and made us easy.

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