Essay on Good Health in English for Students & Children

Friends, as we know that health is our wealth. That’s why every person is earned to have good health. If we earn a lot of money and keep it with us and our health is not good, then it will remain useless in your life.

Because the health of any person deteriorates, then it becomes very difficult for him to come back to that condition. That’s why a person who is sensible always pays full attention to his health. If money i.e. money goes out of the hands of a person, then you can earn it again. But health cannot be done.

Good health of a person is the basic basis of his life. Due to which a person can take advantage of his worldly pleasures while remaining healthy. We can buy things with money, but to consume it, we need to be healthy. Because we cannot enjoy anything while being unwell.

Duty of Man Towards Health

It is the duty of every person to keep his body and mind happy regarding his health. Because every person or those who are your loved ones can only wish you to be healthy. That’s why for your own health, you should keep your body fit by exercising regularly.

For a person to be healthy, he has to make continuous efforts. He has to maintain balance in his diet and live a regular routine with discipline.

Man needs three basic elements to stay healthy. First of all we should take a balanced diet. We must have fruits, green vegetables, grains and milk in our diet. Then after that we should wake up every morning before sunrise and exercise. After that we should include our work as our regular routine.

If we see the initial symptoms of any disease, then we should follow the advice of our doctor and follow it. We should definitely do the yoga which is beneficial in curing that disease. This is our main duty.

Importance of Good Health

If we keep our body well and healthy, then we get to see many benefits of it. We do not feel tired and lazy in doing any work. If we are healthy then we get relief from stress and along with that our immunity to fight diseases also increases.

Regular exercise strengthens the bones of our body and strengthens all the organs. Healthy is so important for us that without it we cannot do any work easily. Being healthy always makes a person active and cheerful.

Another advantage of being healthy is that a healthy person gets less anger. He tries to keep his mind calm with the help of yoga. Because anger cannot do any good in this world.


We should be aware and cautious about our health. We should do healthy yoga and exercise to avoid diseases. If we remain healthy then we can easily face any problem.

A good health makes us stress free and energetic. By which we can feel the happiness and joy of our life.

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