Essay On Water Conservation for All Classes Students & Children’s

The saying “Water is life” is not just a word but it means that water is that priceless part of life without which one cannot even imagine life.

Water is a precious resource for all the living beings on this earth. On the earth where we live, only 1% of water is considered useful. Apart from this, due to the rapidly increasing population and modernization, all the countries of the world are facing water-borne disasters.

In today’s time, considering the importance of water conservation for our golden tomorrow, we should try to spread awareness about it.

What is Water conservation?

If we collect rain water and make it drinkable by people or more important work is done properly. We can call it water conservation. Or in other words, using water at the right time and saving water is called water conservation.

We need water for all our work, but the one who saves water by using water without wasting water is called water conservation.

Importance of Water

Every work of our life is based on water, so water is important to make everyone’s everyday work successful. There are many such works which remain incomplete due to lack of water.

Knowing the importance of water, people keep on wasting it without using it. To reach the goal of water conservation, the first thing we have to do is to collect rain water.

The use of water in everyday activities has to be reduced. Through science, the salt water of the ocean will have to be used after converting it into fresh water. Aim to plant as many trees as possible.

Water Shortage Problem

According to a figure, there are many countries in this world that are suffering from drought, that is to say, where a drop of rain does not reach or where the level of rivers is very low. Such places live in the absence of water.

The residents living there in such places have to go far away and arrange water for themselves. In many places, this priceless gift of nature is bought and used. Due to lack of water, people die due to many serious diseases.

Water Conservation Efforts

This problem of water has become a worldwide problem, which is why people from all over the world will have to come together and cooperate in this, so we can try to save this priceless boon.

For this purpose, we should try from our own home. We should give importance to every drop of water in our house and try to save it, that is, we should not leave it flowing.

People do this that instead of using the tap at the time of their hobby, they use the fountain directly, which further promotes the lack of water. We should use a fountain except the pipe while giving water to the garden of our house.

Water Conservation Measures

It is very important for all of us to conserve water in our daily activities. Water can be stored well by means of water conservation. Some of the remedies are given below –

  • We have to store rain water by making small beds. Because with this water we can avoid the trouble of water in our coming time. The government should collect rain water by making ponds and water tanks in every area.
  • We can also avoid the problem of water by stopping the cutting of trees. Because the tree itself is the ground of water or say it is the main source of water. In the present time, forests are getting cut down and the land is getting polluted.

Water Conservation in 10 lines

  • We need to convert salt water into more and more sweet water by using modernization of science, which quenches the thirst of the people. By using this we can fulfill the need of homes, agriculture and factories.
  • While taking a bath and opening the tap water anywhere, the tap should be closed by using it in a timely manner. In this way we can help other needy people.
  • Contaminated water flowing from big factories and factories tomorrow should be stopped from mixing in rivers and streams. This is one of the main reasons for water pollution.
  • We need to do more and more rain water conservation project in our country.
  • If any water pipe bursts or water is leaking in any public place, then it should be repaired immediately.
  • Wasting water should be stopped. If a person is harming waste water, then he should be fined along with the punishment. So that in future not to make such mistake again.
  • The government should run a campaign with “Save water”. Along with children, there is a need to spread awareness about water conservation to all sections of women.
  • Whenever we talk about irrigation, only enough water should be used in the fields.
  • If we want to increase the quantity of water, then we have to increase the quantity of trees. Because water is directly related to trees and plants, it is because of the trees that the weather is formed and it rains.
  • If we say that all people have to save their future, then water will have to be conserved itself. Everyone can collect rain water by making a tank on their roof and then it can be used by filter machine.


It is our responsibility to plant more and more trees so that there is no shortage of rain. If possible, plant the tree only in the rainy season so that the plant gets water from nature.

Considering our duty, we should try to plant such plants which can live even in less water.

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