Essay On Computer In English for Students & Childrens

Computer has become an important tool in the modern era. Now computers are being used in every home. Computer is such a discovery of science, due to which we are progressing day by day. It is such a simple machine. It does not take much space to keep this machine and does not require much power. So it can also be used by common man. Even though it takes less space to keep the computer, but it can store all the data in the memory inside it.

Computer is very easy to use, so even small children can do it easily. Computer is such a technology, which is now used everywhere. Even in big companies and also in small companies. It is also being used in every home.

At present, there are different types of computers, such as personal computers, laptops, desktop computers, pocket computers, etc. Apart from this, computers are of different colors. There are other things associated with the computer, such as keyboard, mouse, CPU (Central Processing Unit means in a way, it is the brain of the computer), there is a monitor and a UPS.

What is Computer?

This computer is an electronic device, the word computer is derived from the Latin word, it means to calculate, the job of a computer is to work quickly in a very short time, the computer quickly puts everything in front of our eyes.


The computer was discovered by Charles Babbage of England. Charles Babbage is also called the father of computer. The first was in 1000 BC. An instrument called abacus was made in Japan. This device was used to solve mathematical problems. On the basis of this device, Charles Babes discovered it in the year 1833. Seeing the work of the computer, the Government of India imported it in 1965.

The size of the computer was very big earlier. It used to take a big place to keep it. Since then till today there have been many improvements in the computer. Now flourishing and smart computers have started coming.

Computer uses:

  • Nowadays computer is used in all the houses.
  • Computers are used in the industrial sector.
  • Most of the computers are used in the bank.
  • Computers are used in the education sector.
  • Now Computers are used in all companies and factories.
  • Computers are used in government offices.
  • Used in all scientific technology.
  • Computer is used in sports field.
  • Computers are used in medicine and health.
  • Nowadays computer is used in all areas. Now there is no such area, or there is no such place where computer is not used.

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