Advantages and Disadvantages of Television Essay

Television is considered to be the most invaluable and informative invention given by science, which is popular from house to house in the name of television in English language. Television is the medium of today’s era through which people have no shortage of entertainment.

But everything has two sides; similarly television has both advantages and disadvantages. Earlier, only limited programs were shown on television, but today it has become a source of knowledge apart from entertainment.

Advantages of Television

Through Television, people enjoy various programs by erasing the fatigue of their day. Programs of every religion, language and culture are available on television, so that people are entertained to the fullest.

The popularity of this wonderful box featuring a wide variety of programs has largely been attributed to its universality and the inclusion of the film itself.

Their varieties of programs include news, sports broadcasts and educational programs, cinema etc. In earlier times the source of all this used to be radio. But now it all seems unimaginable that we get to know about the world sitting in our rooms.

Various programs of Television

Talking about the reality shows presented on Television, new talent is given opportunity in it. Due to this people get a chance to show their skills in the field like singing and dancing, due to which they become quite popular. This increases their chances of a good career.

We can become familiar with the benefits of Television by following the behavior given by our parents and understanding our responsibilities.

If programs are broadcast highlighting education, then it can be very helpful for the students. If we talk about the benefits of this unique device, then it has also proved to be very beneficial in passing on our civilization, customs and ideals to the next generation.

There are many such channels presented on Television which awaken people historically and geographically. Now many channels have come in the television, which gives information related to their subject to the students, shows the glimpse of knowledge to the elders as well as the students, which they can easily understand by watching. On this, the channel is present on the news and sports from all over the world.

Disadvantages of Television

Television is having a bad effect on children these days. Children watch TV for many hours. Continuously watching TV has a bad effect on the brain of children. He becomes stubborn and gets extra addicted to watching TV. He does not listen to the elders and some children get less mark in the examination.

In our country, the importance of modesty and dignity has been high. Society is also going in the wrong direction when some wrong things are shown on TV. Therefore, TV makers should show such programs thoughtfully so that our civilization and culture do not have a wrong effect.


After all, television is the most unique and popular invention of science, which can give benefits as well as harm to the people. It depends on the usage of the people how, how much and why they see it.

Such programs are also presented on Television, which not everyone in the family can sit and watch. At the same time, some information shown on television is nothing less than a boon.

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