Essay On Importance of Trees in English for Students & Children

Tree plants have an important role in our life. It can be said that because of these trees we are able to live a peaceful life today. We get oxygen from the tree without which we cannot survive. Even more from the tree. We get the things we need. Like all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and wood, etc., we get them.

The beauty of our nature increases with vegetation. We decorate our house with trees and plants, which gives our house a different beauty. If there is worship in the house, flowers and leaves are needed.

The use of trees and plants has been going on since ancient times, the people of that time did not even know the importance of the tree. In ancient times, humans depended only on the tree in every way.

They used to eat tuber-root; even They also used to cover the body with the leaves and flowers of plants. They used to build wooden houses to live in. Just like fish cannot live without water, man cannot live without trees and plants.

Importance of Trees

We humans need oxygen first from the needy to live life, which we get from trees and plants. As we take oxygen, carbon dioxide comes out along with it. Due to excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we can suffocate. , and trees and plants respire carbon dioxide and release oxygen. That’s why we should plant trees.

These days the cutting of trees and plants is going on very fast. People are making big plants by cutting trees and plants, making luxurious furniture, which today we are lacking oxygen, and such days have come that oxygen We have to buy. If we do not keep the environment right, then we will not get anything from the environment at the right time for the needy work.

Due to the cutting of trees, there is a lack of oxygen in the air, along with it there is an increase in gas like carbon dioxide and methane, which is causing problems like a greenhouse. The greenhouse is such a process, which In the atmosphere of any house, it gives more gas like carbon dioxide, which is very harmful to us.

Benefits of Plants

Trees keep our environment green, joyful and happy. The man should be friends with trees. If it is not there then the balance of the earth will be disturbed. If the trees do not remain, then no living being will survive on this earth.

Trees help us to avoid many types of disasters. Like trees, the air is also purified, which we take in the form of oxygen. We are able to prevent pollution only because of trees and plants.

Due to the lack of trees, the fertile land and green space will also turn into desert and in the coming time, we will start lacking the needy things like air and food. Due to the absence of trees, the weather also becomes cloudy and many natural calamities will have to be faced.

Our life can be in danger due to natural calamities such as floods, tsunami, tide, earthquakes, etc.


We must plant trees. Trees should not be cut. Trees give us a good and healthy environment. If there is no tree, then this world is not there.

If this is not the world, then we are not. That’s why we should plant trees. Trees are our support for living.

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