Essay on Environment in English for All Classes Students

Highlighting the important role of the environment on this earth, the United Nations declared its day. The importance of this day is given to the environment for the purpose of political and social development in the whole nation.

First of all, this day was started in the year 1972 between June 5 and June 16 by the General Assembly of the whole country, which later on became the Environment Organization.

The pure water, air, food that we have been able to get today is all due to the environment. But if this environment is not healthy, then the whole world will become ill.

Role of Environment

Today’s world is doing something else which is leading to the destruction of forests just because of their mean and dirty greed, they do not think even once before cutting trees and plants.

The existence around us is called environment. Not only the human race, but the life of every living being, tree, and many important plants are based on this earth.

On the basis of human intervention, the environment has two parts, the first of which is the natural environment and the second is the man-made environment. This division of the environment into two parts is according to the number of people involved in natural processes and conditions.

Human Greed

Nowadays people are not missing out on playing with the environment in the desire to achieve and develop material pleasures. If we are not able to protect the environment before a long time, then the existence of human species, animals, trees and birds will be in grave danger.

Knowing this bitter truth, we should take a concrete and right step to protect our environment. For the fulfillment of this objective, the entire humanity will have to try to plant more and more trees and every day one tree will have to be planted, only then this earth will be able to breathe a little and some control should also be imposed on the cutting of trees.

Why is a Healthy Environment Important?

Environment has a role in every field on this earth and without it no one can even imagine human life, because environment is the root of the life of the whole earth. A right environment gives us the ability to lead a healthy life and we humans lead a pure, fresh and healthy life.

The essential element which plays an important role in our life is biotic and inorganic. All these essential elements are a mixture of facts and procedures. This vital element is everywhere and active in us and every event of our life is based on this.

It is human beings that all the activities of this environment affect the environment in some way or the other. In this way there is an interdependent relationship between an organism, man and environment.

Importance of Environment in Human life

We all know very well how important the environment is in human life. There is a very deep relationship between man and environment. Human cannot survive without environment. All the green trees and plants are ours, A boon as an integral part of life.

If seen, there is no existence of man without nature. As water, air, fire, sky and land, all these elements have formed the human body. In ancient times, man was very simple and simple, used to lead a simple life. He kept the beautiful nature around him carefully.

The earlier humans used to work very diligently and hard. They take good care of the trees and plants around them and these trees and plants also provided them security and healthy life. Human beings are ahead of themselves because of their hard work, And Improves his path which leads him to success and progress.

As time has changed, man has achieved many new inventions in his life, but with these inventions, he has also started harming nature, due to which the life of man is not free from danger. I am getting income and employment, but it is harmful for their health and well-being.

What is the Importance of Environment in our life?

How important is the environment in us, then we can get an idea of ​​how inhuman incidents happen in the present time. And many types of disasters keep coming, such as acid rain, cyclone, increase in temperature in the atmosphere, etc. All these are seen due to increasing pollution and increasing deforestation.

If seen in this way, the entire environment of the earth is dependent on plants and trees. And which provides protection to all the living beings and animals living on this earth. But if seen at this time, then human beings for their invention of new things, forests, forests, etc. Harvesting is going on day and night, due to which humans is having difficulty in breathing, cancer and many other types of deadly diseases are increasing.

The people of ancient times lived in the open air and took great care of the trees and plants around them. This kept their life clean and healthy. Their immunity was also maintained. There was no shortage of oxygen in earlier times. But in today’s present time, in the 21st century, there is a lack of oxygen for the people; people are wandering here and there due to dangerous diseases. All this is the result of harming the environment. By looking at it, we can guess how important the environment in our life is.


We need to make our environment pollution free and safe. Everyone desires to live in a peaceful and healthy environment. Despite all this, the environment around us is looking dirty due to the lack of proper attention of mankind.

The lack of balance in the environment has become such an issue that the whole world should look into this matter. We should plant more and more trees and save the forests.

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