My House Essay in English for Students and Childrens

My House Essay in English, In our world, there are different kinds of people. Some are lucky to have things like nice homes, while others aren’t as fortunate.

This is especially true in a country like India, where most people live with very little money. Having a house there is like having something really special, almost like a luxury. I’m grateful because I have a house with four walls and a roof, which keeps me safe and protected.

I live in a really wonderful home, a place that feels like a haven where I feel comfortable and safe, a spot I always look forward to being in. Our house has three big bedrooms, a cozy dining area, a kitchen with all the necessary things, and bathrooms that have a modern touch. In front of the house, there’s a large courtyard filled with colorful flowers, and in the backyard, we grow different kinds of vegetables.

My parents’ dedication and hard work are the reasons we have this blessing of a home. In today’s world, it seems like many people are always complaining about what they don’t have. Someone with a house might wish for a bigger one, and someone with a big house might dream of having a palace.

Even the person in a palace might desire to own an island. This cycle of always wanting more never seems to end. However, if we take a moment to appreciate what we have and look at those who have less than us instead of those who have more, we might find more happiness in our lives.

A Place I Call Home (House)

My house is in the city. It’s not too big or too small, just the right size. My family lives there – my dad, mom, sister, and grandparents. Since it’s our ancestral house, it has a vintage feel.

It’s quite old but still very sturdy. There are six rooms, and each family member has their own room that they’ve decorated the way they like. For example, my sister loves music, so her walls are covered with posters of musicians like BTS, RM, and more.

Our living room is spacious with a high ceiling. We still use the vintage sofa set that my grandmother got as a wedding gift. There’s also an old TV and radio that she still uses.

Next to the living room is my bedroom, which is my favorite because it has everything I love. I have a pet guinea pig in a cage in my room. We also have a storage room with things we don’t use but can’t throw away.

The front lawn has a small garden where my mom grows her kitchen garden. She’s passionate about it and brings different seeds every month to grow and use in our food.

One special place in my house is the terrace. It’s large with many plants. I remember all the good times we’ve had there as a family. We also play a lot there when my cousins visit. So, every part of my house is meaningful to me. My House Essay

Appreciation Towards My House

I know many people who don’t have houses or houses as big as mine. It makes me feel more grateful and appreciate my house even more. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good house and a loving family, but fortunately, I’ve been blessed with both.

I’m thankful for my house because when I grow up, I can look back at the wonderful memories I made here. Going down memory lane will be a sweet experience because of the safety and security my house has provided me. It truly is an ideal house.

My House (My House Essay)

I live in my family’s old house with my grandparents, parents, and siblings. My grandfather worked hard to build this house, and it’s been standing for at least fifty years. It has four rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and a patio.

I really like the look of my house. The old-fashioned vibes make it even more beautiful. In the patio, my grandparents have a small garden, and there are two trees – a pomegranate tree and a Henna tree. These trees not only provide shade but also give us sweet fruits.

With its high ceilings and vintage switchboards, my house has a unique appearance from when it was built many years ago. It’s located in the middle of four roads and is not attached to any other house. There are entrances on all four sides.

Whenever my friends visit, they take lots of pictures because they like the house. Even my relatives appreciate the mix of modern and vintage architecture in the interior. The house is colored in brown and beige, making it stand out in our neighborhood.

A Peaceful Place I Call Home

At the center of the city, there’s my beloved home, not too big or small, just perfect for my family. Living with my dad, mom, sister, and grandparents makes it even more special because it’s been passed down through generations, having that vintage charm.

Despite being old, our home is strong with six unique rooms, each reflecting the personality of its occupant. My sister, who loves music, filled her room with posters of her favorite musicians like BTS and RM.

The heart of our home is the living room with high ceilings, still keeping the vintage sofa set from my grandmother’s wedding gift. Antique items like an old TV and radio, used by my grandmother, add character.

My personal favorite is my bedroom, where my pet guinea pig has a cozy spot. The storage room keeps things we don’t use but can’t part with.

Outside, our front lawn has a beautiful garden where my mom tends to her kitchen garden, trying out new seeds every month for our meals.

But the best memories are made on our terrace, filled with thriving plants, witnessing family moments and turning into a playground for my cousins. Every corner of my home is etched with special memories close to my heart.

5 Lines On My House

  1. My house is the best place in the whole wide world.
  2. I live with my mom and dad in our cozy house.
  3. Our house has three floors and lots of stairs to climb.
  4. We have a pretty garden with lots of colorful flowers outside.
  5. I really love being in my house; it’s the most special place for me.

My House 10 lines for class 5

  1. My house is my cozy shelter, where I feel safe and warm.
  2. It has four rooms, each filled with laughter and love.
  3. Built by my grandparents, it’s a special place with stories of the past.
  4. In the backyard, a pomegranate tree gives us sweet fruits.
  5. The vintage switchboards add a unique touch to our home.
  6. High ceilings make the rooms feel spacious and airy.
  7. A small garden in the patio brings nature’s beauty to our doorstep.
  8. Brown and beige colors make my house stand out in the neighborhood.
  9. With four entrances, my house welcomes everyone from every side.
  10. My house is not just a place; it’s where my family and I create wonderful memories together.

Conclusion (My House Essay)

In summary, having a home is really important. It’s not just a building; it’s where we belong, understand our place in the world, and feel connected to everything around us. A home is where we make memories, and it’s something to be thankful for. Whether things are going well or not, a home is like a constant friend that keeps us safe and makes us who we are. My House Essay


How old is your house?

Our house is at least fifty years old.

How many rooms does your house have?

Our house has six rooms, each uniquely decorated.

Who built your house?

My grandfather built our house with his hard work.

What makes your home special?

The vintage character, passed down through generations, makes it special.

Who lives in your house?

My family, including my father, mother, sister, and grandparents, lives in our home.

What is unique about your sister’s room?

My sister, a music enthusiast, has adorned her walls with posters of favorite musicians like BTS and RM.

Tell us about the garden in your front lawn.

The garden is charming, and my mother tends to her kitchen garden there, introducing new varieties each month.

What’s your fondest memory in your home?

The terrace is where we create the best family memories and play with cousins during visits.

How does the living room reflect the vintage character of your home?

The living room has a vintage sofa set, an old TV, and radio, all cherished items passed down, giving it a unique charm.

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