Essay On Plastic Ban for All Classes Students

If we see plastic, then there is an important role of environmental pollution. If seen, then the plastic we use neither rots nor does it rot, it is non-biodegradable. In this way, these plastic bags lie for many years. Lives and pollutes the environment there. That is why the government and many other organizations demand a ban on it. One day this unnecessary using plastic bag will ruin the entire planet of Earth.

To avoid this, many countries have completely banned plastic, and biodegradable and paper bags are being used for use in place of plastic. At present, plastic bags are being banned completely. Whether or not this question comes in the minds of people again and again, because in the present time people

have become aware of the harm caused by plastic.

This raises the question of how safe our future generations are from the pollution of this environment. For the first time plastic was made from coal tar in 1909.

Disadvantages of plastic bags

The disadvantages of plastic bags are as follows, which are given below –

Non – Biodegradable pouch

Some such plastic bags are used among us whom do not decompose. It can only be burnt, but by burning, many types of toxic gases are released from it which pollutes the environment. Plastic bags are available which we can use to save the environment from harm.

Environmental degradation

Nowadays, the amount of toxic gas is seen more in the environment, due to which the environment remains impure and the purity of the environment decreases. All these harmful substances being made of plastic pollute the land, as well as due to the excess amount of plastic in the water, it also pollutes the water.

Harmful to all living beings on Earth

It is a matter of concern for all the living beings living in water and on the earth that how to avoid or reduce this pollution. Like many animals who roam here and there, and also of plastic sticking to the food lying on the ground. They consume it which is harmful for their digestion. Organisms living in such seas also become victims of this type and eventually they die. This has been a major reason for the damage caused by plastic.

Harmful for Humans

Many dangerous chemical gases are released from the pile of plastic lying in the garbage, which is very harmful for human health. Many people die because of this.

In a way, people put the plastic bag along with the used waste from their house in the drain in front of the house, due to which it takes the form of toxic gas and if any person goes to clean it, then its gets caught and they die.

Sewage blockage

Often, due to the waste plastic bags lying in drains and sewers, the sewerage hole gets clogged and due to excessive rain during the rainy season, problems like floods start to arise, which affects the life of the people.

Main Reasons for Banning Plastic Bags

The main reason for vandalizing plastic is to face trouble for all living beings living in land and water. For this the government takes many strict decisions so that everyone can be freed from it.

  • The main reason is that all these waste plastic bags are being seen to pollute the land and water more.
  • This non-biodegradable bag has become a problem for the life of all the wild animals living in the earth and water.
  • People put some chemical bags on the ground or in water along with them, due to which the fertilizer power of the earth is weak and its effect is also visible on animals.
  • These plastic bags also have a bad effect on our or the entire human health.
  • It is a difficult challenge to get the plastic bag buried in the soil and out of the water.
  • The plastic bag is non-biodegradable, due to which it is easily tolerated by storm, storm and rain. Through all this, the plastic bag moves easily from one place to another, then trapped there and damages the environment there. Delivers
  • It is said that the reason for the plastic bag affects the hormone called estrogen, which is very harmful for health.
  • It is not possible to recycle plastic bags, because the recycling rate is only 5%, so it is slow work.

People’s Support for Plastic Ban

If we want to avoid the disaster caused by plastic bags, then we have to make the ban imposed by the government successful. Only then our life will be worth living in a pure environment and animals can be saved from dying.

By the way, plastic bags have been completely banned by many states in India. But people still have the habit of carrying plastic bags as before. The state government has not banned for a long time because plastic in the shop. The bag is not available for some time, and then it starts getting available later.

We have to avoid all this by using dangerous spreading disease and dying animal’s plastic bags which are non-biodegradable at this time. We have to deal with this ban with full force and cooperate; especially the educated class people make this campaign successful. Do it in making. Because we have to support, this restriction of government like a responsible citizen.

How can People Contribute?

Some responsible citizens cooperate in this campaign in many ways which can be given as follows –

  • We should keep tabs outside our house and the garbage which is daily in the house should be put in that dustbin and not in any plastic bag.
  • In another way, we should use biodegradable bags.
  • While going from home to market, cloth chickpeas should be carried so that we can be saved from using plastic from the shop.
  • If we already have a plastic bag, then we should use it again or again and again so that the use of another bag can be avoided.
  • By requesting us all, try to spread awareness by telling the harmful factors that are happening.


We should avoid the use of plastic bags ourselves. The use of plastic should be avoided so that we can avoid dangerous diseases and animals can also be saved from the harm caused by plastic bags.

We can save the use of plastic by conveying this feeling to other people, so that other people can also feel safe.

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