Essay On Save Forest In English for Students & Children

Forests have a very important role in our lives. Forest maintains the balance of the earth. Avoiding tree plants has become a very important task. Because people are deforestation day by day, this is causing the balance of the earth to deteriorate. Due to this, many incidents keep happening. Saving trees and trees has become a major task in our 21st century.

All these are becoming extinct very fast due to which animals living in the forest, birds; wild animals are all becoming homeless. This causes the wild animals to enter the human areas, which creates an atmosphere of fear among the people. Is that we are all connected to an ecosystem? Due to deforestation, rivers and lakes are also affected.


Forests have a vast land area. There are different types of forests in the world; their soil is classified on the basis of trees, plants, flora, and many types of fauna living in it. Due to forests, air purification in the atmosphere keeps on happening. It also helps in climate change.

If we talk about saving trees, then according to an estimate, trees are being harvested every second. To live in a healthy environment, it is very important to have trees in the forests. This will also maintain a clean ecological system.

Origin of the Word Forest

The word forest was developed by the French word. It means the gathering or existence of a large number of tree plants. It was displayed as an English word that represents the terrain of the forest.

Secondly, the word jungle was derived from the Latin word “forresta” which means the word open wood. These words were used by the king during royal hunting.

Types of Forests

Many types of forests are found in the whole world. All these forests are divided into different types of categories. All these classes are shown below in brief.

  • Deciduous Forest

Trees that are found in the deciduous forests have a fall time every year in them, which leaves all the leaves of the tree. It is often seen in the months of February – March. When the winter is going, forests. It is found in various places like Europe, Asia, New Zealand, North America, and Australia.

  • Tropical Rain Forests

The temperature in tropical forests is very high, but it rains more than that throughout the year. All the animals living here travel mostly in rain. This area is located close to the equator (within 28 degrees to the south or north).

These forests are very dense. Here trees are tall and tall. Due to the lack of sunlight, there is very little growth of small plants under big trees. There are more trees like evergreens.

These forests are found on the islands of Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Pacific.

  • Sub-Tropical Forests

This forest is located in the north and south parts. In the sub-tropical climate, it is warmer than winter. But it is not hot like the summer season.

  • Temperate Forest

This forest is located in Asia, Eastern North America, and Western Eastern Europe. Due to the dense forest, there is always a lot of rain. Coniferous evergreen trees are found here.

Benefits of Forests

We get many types of benefits from forests. Forests play many roles in our life. From the forest, we get wood, boss, animal feed, oxygen, seeds, Ayurveda medicines, natural medicines, and herbs.  It rains when the weather is formed due to the forests. The forest also keeps the ecological system in balance.

Human life is a great use of forest, man also provides raw materials from the forest, like wood makes man his home. People make many medicines from wild herbs. This is very useful for us.

If there is a forest then there is an animal because the forest gives the house for the animals to live. The trees have a nest of birds on the plants. They make their own slopes so that they can be safe during the rainy and winter months.

Conservation of Forests

Forests protect us from many calamities like hurricanes, Floods. The environment has been helping us become a part of our life cycle. The balance of nature keeps coming from forests. Therefore, we must conserve forests.

Also protects us from floods and famines. We have many advantages due to forest tree plants, such as stopping the flow of water, reducing soil erosion at the speed of the water. The forest protects us like a strong shield.

The forest provides us with pure air as oxygen. The tree plants release oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide at night. Due to the tree plants, soil fertility is maintained. The surrounding trees keep the plants full.

How to Save Forests

There are several steps we must take to save forests. Stop deforestation and plant more trees than ever. The environment in which we live is peaceful and pure.

  • We walk as much as possible; it will protect your health and the environment as well.
  • All people should plant and protect trees.
  • Use water in limited quantity and do not waste unnecessary water and water should be conserved.
  • Plastic should not be used.
  • Organic manure should be used.
  • Do not be a victim of live animals living in the forests, it should be banned.
  • We should follow the rules made to save forests.

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