Essay On Peacock in English

Essay on Peacock in English

Essay on Peacock in English, The peacock holds immense significance in Indian culture and society. It’s admired for its stunning appearance, especially the male’s vibrant plumage that features iridescent blues, greens, and a magnificent tail with colorful “eyes.” This bird’s mesmerizing dance during the Monsoon season is indeed a captivating sight for many.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the peacock has deep-rooted symbolism in Indian traditions and spirituality. In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with several deities, including Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom and learning, and Kartikeya (also known as Murugan), the god of war. It’s believed that the peacock represents grace, beauty, and protection from harm in these traditions.

This cultural and religious significance contributed to the Indian government’s decision to designate the peacock as the National Bird of India. This prestigious status acknowledges its cultural importance and its place as a symbol of grace, beauty, and cultural richness within the country.

Physical Appearance of Peacock

Male peacocks are really beautiful birds that people all over the world love. They’re quite big, about 6 to 7 feet long from their beaks to the end of their colorful tails, and they weigh around 11 pounds.

Their heads, necks, and chests are a shiny blue color, and they have white patches around their eyes. On top of their heads, they have a bunch of feathers sticking up.

The coolest thing about peacocks is their amazing tails. It takes about 4 years for their tails to grow to their full beauty. The tail feathers, about 200 of them, grow from the peacock’s back. These feathers are really colorful and have a special shiny look because of tiny structures on them.

At the end of each feather, there’s a round shape that looks really cool. But the feathers on their back wings are not as fancy; they are more plain and not very colorful. Essay on Peacock in English

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  • Vibrant Colors: Male peacocks are renowned for their stunning appearance. They boast vibrant, iridescent blue shades on their heads, necks, and chests, along with eye-catching white patches around their eyes.
  • Crest and Features: They also sport a distinctive crest of feathers on their heads. However, the most remarkable feature is their extraordinary tail, often called a train, which takes about 4 years to fully develop.

Tail and Feathers:

  • Train Development: The train consists of approximately 200 display feathers that gradually grow from the peacock’s back and form the long upper tail.
  • Color and Structure: These feathers lack the usual tiny barbs that hold feathers together, resulting in a loose arrangement. The stunning colors on the train feathers come from intricate microstructures, creating dazzling optical effects. Each feather ends in a captivating oval cluster.

Physical Attributes:

  • Size and Weight: Peacocks are sizable birds, measuring between 195 to 225 centimeters from beak tip to the end of their train and weighing around 5 kilograms.
  • Wing Description: The back wings of the peacock are less vibrant, appearing in a greyish-brown color. They are shorter and less visually striking compared to the vibrant tail feathers.

Behavior of Peacock

The behavior of peacocks is fascinating, especially during courtship. These birds showcase their vibrant feathers in an elegant display, spreading and quivering them to attract mates. Their social structure, feeding habits, and response to danger also contribute to their unique behavior.

  • Feather Display: Peacocks show off their beautiful feathers to impress a mate. They spread them out and shake them. The more “eyespots” they have on their feathers, the better their chances of finding a girlfriend.
  • Food and Behavior: These birds eat different things like seeds, bugs, fruits, and sometimes small animals. They live in small groups with one guy and a few girls. They like to sit on high tree branches to stay safe from other animals. When they feel scared, they prefer running instead of flying. They’re really quick on their feet.
  • Why They’re Special: In short, peacocks are incredibly pretty birds. In India, they’re a big deal and have been for a long time. Their colorful looks have inspired lots of artists. Seeing a peacock is a real delight. They’re a proud symbol of India’s animals and make the country proud. Essay on Peacock in English

Physical Features of Peacock

The peacock stands out for its striking appearance that sets it apart from other birds. Here are some special physical features that make peacocks so unique:

  • Vivid Colors: Peacocks are adorned with vibrant shades of blue and green, making them stand out in the bird kingdom.
  • Distinctive Crest: They boast a beautiful crest on their heads, a special feature that only peacocks have. This crest adds to their charm and uniqueness.
  • Magnificent Tail: The most outstanding feature is their long, colorful, and bright tail. It’s incredibly eye-catching and makes up more than half of their body length.
  • Abundance of Feathers: A peacock can have about 200 feathers on their tail, each adorned with captivating gold, blue, green, and brown colors. These feathers also display oval-shaped eye markings, adding to their allure.
  • Mesmerizing Neck: Their long, metallic blue-colored necks contribute to their mesmerizing appearance.
  • Dance Display: Their beauty truly shines when they spread their feathers and perform their captivating dance.
  • White Peacocks: Some peacocks are unique in that they’re entirely white in color, with white feathers covering their bodies. These white peacocks look just as spectacular as their colorful counterparts.

Short Essay on Peacock for Children

The Peacock: A Colorful Marvel

The peacock is an incredible bird that children all around the world love to admire. With its stunning appearance and captivating behavior, it’s no wonder this bird is so special.

Firstly, let’s talk about the peacock’s appearance. Imagine a bird with the most beautiful feathers you’ve ever seen. The male peacock has vibrant blue and green feathers on its head, neck, and chest. But the most amazing part is its tail, often called a “train.” It’s like a long, colorful fan made of shimmering feathers. When a peacock spreads its train, it looks like a magical work of art.

Do you know what’s so cool about a peacock’s tail? It’s not just colorful; it has special spots that look like eyes. These spots make the tail even more dazzling. When a peacock wants to impress a peahen (that’s the female peacock), it spreads its tail wide open and shakes it, showing off those eyespots.

Peacocks aren’t just about their looks; they’re quite interested in other ways too. They’re omnivores, which means they eat lots of different things like seeds, insects, fruits, and sometimes even small animals. They live in small groups with one bossy male and a few females. Peacocks are smart; they like to stay safe by sitting on tall tree branches, and when they feel scared, they’d rather run away than fly.

One more thing that’s super cool about peacocks is their significance in many cultures, especially in India. In India, the peacock is a symbol of grace, beauty, and pride. Its colorful feathers have inspired artists for centuries. Peacocks are truly amazing birds. Their dazzling feathers, fancy dances, and interesting habits make them one of the most spectacular creatures in the bird kingdom.

Peacock Essay in English 10 lines

  1. The peacock is a majestic bird known for its stunning and vibrant plumage.
  2. Its eye-catching colors include shades of blue, green, gold, and brown.
  3. The peacock’s long and colorful tail feathers make up a significant part of its beauty.
  4. Male peacocks have a distinctive crest on their heads that adds to their charm.
  5. They display their feathers in a magnificent dance during courtship to attract mates.
  6. These birds eat seeds, insects, fruits, and sometimes small animals.
  7. Peacocks often live in small groups led by a dominant male.
  8. They prefer running to flying when escaping from danger and are quite agile on the ground.
  9. In some cultures, the peacock symbolizes beauty, grace, and pride.
  10. Their enchanting appearance has made them a subject of inspiration for artists worldwide.


In summary, the peacock is an amazing bird known for its beautiful colors, special crest on its head, and its long, colorful tail. It has around 200 feathers with pretty colors like gold, blue, green, and brown. Some peacocks are all white, and they’re just as stunning. When a peacock spreads its feathers and dances, it looks super pretty. Overall, the peacock is a truly special and gorgeous bird that people love to admire. Essay on Peacock in English


Why are peacocks associated with Indian culture and spirituality?

Peacocks are associated with several Hindu deities, such as Saraswati and Kartikeya, symbolizing wisdom, learning, and protection. Their presence in cultural festivals and art further solidifies their significance.

How long does it take for a male peacock’s tail feathers to reach their full beauty?

It takes approximately four years for a male peacock’s tail feathers, known as the “train,” to grow to their full and vibrant beauty.

What gives the peacock’s feathers their shiny and iridescent appearance?

The iridescence is due to microscopic crystal-like structures on the feathers that refract light, creating the shimmering effect.

Why do male peacocks display their tails in a fan-like manner?

The elaborate tail display is part of their courtship ritual, aimed at attracting females. The vibrant colors and distinctive eye-shaped patterns on the feathers enhance their appeal.

How heavy are male peacocks?

Male peacocks weigh around 11 pounds, contributing to their impressive size and presence.

What is the significance of the round shapes at the end of each tail feather?

The round shapes, known as “ocelli” or “eyes,” add a visually striking element to the peacock’s display, especially during courtship.

Why do peacocks dance during the Monsoon season?

The Monsoon dance is a joyful display associated with celebration and a connection to nature. It is a visually captivating behavior that adds to the bird’s allure.

Are there specific roles for peacocks in Hindu mythology?

Yes, peacocks are associated with various Hindu deities, symbolizing attributes such as wisdom, learning, and protection from harm.

How many feathers does a peacock’s tail typically have?

A male peacock’s tail, or “train,” typically consists of about 200 feathers, each contributing to the bird’s stunning and colorful display. (Essay on Peacock in English)

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