Essay On Holi In English in 500 Words – All Classes Students & Children

The Holi is the Most Important Festival of India. This festival is Celebrate by Hindu Religious Peoples. It is Called the Colorful Festival. Mostly all Religious Celebrate Holi.

The Holi is Celebrated in Falgun (March) Months According to the Hindus Calendar. The Peoples, Holi is Celebrate by Color and Gulal, this festival fulfills by enjoying & joy.

The Holi is Celebrate in India & Nepal. Otherwise, Indian People is Celebrate Holi in other Country, which are living likes, America, Australia, Canada, etc.

The is very Joyful for Children’s because they waiting with curiosity. This festival is a festival of happiness,  all of us put together colors and hug each other.

Why Celebrate Holi

Holi is a Famous Story of the  Hindu religion in India. The Holi is Celebrate on basis of Holika Names. But hide a big story behind this. A Devil king was named Hiranakashyap.

It’s also known as Asur. He was the king of Daityas from the Puranic scripts of Hinduism. According to the Story Bhagwat, Purana, his name means (Haryana “gold” kashipu “Soft Cushion”).  

Holika names was a Sister of Hiryanakshyap and were a son,  his name was Prahlad. Prahlad was a very big Devotee of  Lord Bishnu.

But Hiranyakashyap is very jealous of Prahalad. Because he says,  An own to be a god nothing to be other else god from me. This reason jealous of Prahlad. Many times Hiranyakashyap said from Prahlad, that leave to do Devote of Lord Vishnu.

There is Only One God, those are me. But Prahlad ignoring him all times and Continue to devote himself to Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap to take help own sister Holika.

Also, Holika tries to understand Prahlad but he did not hear any talk and continue to Devote himself to Lord Vishnu.

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Holika Story

Holika was cannot be burnt to Fire because she found a vardan by God.  So she enlists the help of her sister Holika. Holika sat with the devotee Prahlada in the fire.

In which Holika was consumed in the fire and Prahlada survived. which Lord Vishnu saved due to true devotion. Now, this Day Peoples Celebrate the Holika Dahan. This after day Celebrate the Holi with Different Colors & Gulal, Meet People Each Other hugs.

Therefore to be said, ‘that always wins of truth on badly works’. Therefore must be we good works. Be honestly. When the come Festivals, Now we prepare to more types delicious cooking foods, etc.  Of Many Housing & Societies People together celebrate Holi. On this Occasion, People organize Parties with friends.

Precaution On Holi

No Doubt to play on Holi, Celebrate by Different Colors & Gulal. But to be Attention all those Colors & Gulal to be must Eco-Friendly. Because other types of Colors are not Eco-Friendly, they are harmful to Skin and Eyes.

Some People play Holi by other things, like Eggs, Paint, Grease & Mobil Oil, etc.

Short Types Essays on Holi

Holi is the Festival of Colours. It’s every Year Celebrate in Month March (Falgun). This Festival much be Celebrate in the spring Session with Joyful & happiness.

Always Play with Organic Colors i.e. Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Silver & Magenta Etc. At this Holi Festival, many types of Cookies Food likes, Gujiyas & Malpuas.

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