Essay On Save Water Save Life, Importance Of Water for Human Life

“Water is life.” It has been said because this water is the main basis for living life not only for humans but for all other living beings. The chemical name of water is Dihydrogen monoxide. Its chemical formula is H2O. It is made up of a compound of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen.

Water is a liquid substance, which is also used as a liquid substance. Water means water is changed into solid and gaseous state. For example, when water freezes, ice is used as a solid, and when water is heated, vapor is used as a gas.

Our body is made up of only 70% water. And almost two-thirds of the earth is water. The most important body and life for us is water, air and food. Nothing is possible on this earth without water. No human life can be imagined without water. These days water is so important that people are searching for water even on the moon.  If the water of the earth runs out, then no living thing will survive without it.

There is only water on about 78% of the earth, which is surrounded by sea and oceans. But all these waters are not drinkable for living animals. Because this sea water is salty, Potable water is sweet. Which we or all animals use only 2.7% of the total water on the whole earth is potable.

Importance of Water:

Our body is composed of only 70% water. Water is of great importance for common man and all living beings. Without food, a man can live for 7 days. But without water, he will die in three days. All the living beings on earth use water only when they are thirsty because water is the only thing that can quench thirst.

Doctors always advise the common man, that a normal person should consume at least 2-3 liters of water daily. After feeling thirsty, the body does not understand anything until you drink water. It is only after drinking water that the body gets peace. This tells us the importance of water in our life. If we want to be healthy and safe, then we should conserve water. Because the quantity of water on the earth is being seen decreasing very fast. Due to the commercial activities of the people, drinking water is hardly available today. Water is getting polluted by big companies.

Importance of Water to Stay Healthy

The amount of water in the body of a normal human being is 65% to 70%. Blood flows in our body. The water content in it is 7%. We should consume clean and pure water to lead a healthy and normal life. If we use contaminated water, then we have to face many diseases. There can be dangerous diseases like jaundice, gas, infectious diseases, smallpox, dysentery, and diarrhea. This reduces the amount of water in our body. So we should avoid all this.

If the water in the house is getting contaminated, then it should be boiled and used. Filtered water should be used. Bleaching powder, alum is used to clean the contaminated water. So that bacteria can be killed and the water can be filtered and cleaned.

Importance of Water for Plants:

Just like everyone needs water. Trees and plants cannot survive without water. The Trees take in water through their roots and all branches reach the leaves through xylem and phloem. Trees make their own food. Plants which do not get less or less amount of water, they wither if they are small and dwarf or not available and dry soon.

The way we eat green vegetables and fruits, we get all those things only from trees and plants. If man has to survive, then it is very important for the trees and plants to survive on earth. Nothing is possible without water. Life will be destroyed, trees and plants will dry up and all the animals will also die, the whole earth will become barren.

Whatever the farmer does, it is possible only with water. Like, our basic diet is essential for the cultivation of cereals, wheat, paddy, maize, millet and all other vegetables. If water is not available for agriculture, then everything will dry up and man will die of hunger.

Importance of Water for Animals, Birds and Other Animals:

All the animals living on the earth, birds and all other animals are also based on water. All of them also feel thirsty, like cow, buffalo, dog, cat, sheep, goat, lion, cheetah, and birds and other creatures also drink water. Water is such a thing, without which no one can survive.

Some such animals are also found, which consume water negligibly, but all other animals, birds and animals cannot survive for long without water. That’s why the importance of water is important for everyone.

The camel found in the desert is called the “ship of the desert”, because it absorbs a week’s water at once. It stores about 50 liters of water in the body at a time and goes without water for several days. Lives but he also needs water.

Measures to Conserve Water:

Water is such a precious resource. We cannot waste or waste this thing. We should make water tank everywhere and store water in it. Open the bottle and use the water. When the water is used up, the bottle should be stopped immediately, so that water is not wasted. Rain water should be used as harvest by making fences in the fields.

Only a limited amount of water should be used for cleaning vehicles and houses. Contaminated chemical or dirty rotten water from household and companies should not flow into rivers, ponds, or canals. Arrives, and they die.

Importance of Water in 10 Lines

  • The chemical name of water is H2O. It is formed by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Almost the entire earth is 75% water. Which is surrounded by ocean, ocean, but potable water is only 3%.
  • Electricity is produced by water only, which is very beneficial for human beings.
  • There are two types of water on earth. Saline water: This water is not fit for drinking. And there are almost no animals in it. Sweet water: This water is useful for all the animals.
  • No creature on earth can survive without water.
  • Water is a very important resource for the agricultural sector, which is used for the production of crops.
  • No forest or trees or plants can grow without water.
  • A normal human being should use about 2-3 liters of water daily to live life.
  • Rain is the only source of water. If there is no rain, there will be a water famine on the earth.
  • Water is a very important basis of our life, by which we do many things like bathing, washing etc.


We have to store water, So that we do not have any problem in future. We have to take many steps to store water.

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