Essay On Importance of Trees for All Classes

Trees are a very beneficial and precious gift given by nature because it gives us pure air. If we go to explain the properties of trees, then the data will never end because our whole earth is based on these trees and, the things made from them like any vegetable or fresh fruit. The books which use for the studies of the students are also We get it only through trees.

Tree is the most beautiful gift given by nature, which should be used by all of us properly because it is the tree. which provides us with almost everything in life and that is why it is a close friend of human beings.

We should make sure that we plant a sapling every day and make our beautiful nature greener. Trees are not only beneficial to us but also the reason for the right health of human beings.

We get benefits from trees like oxygen which is necessary for breathing, water, food items, oil for driving vehicles, clothes, food for animals etc.

Many animals find their home and shelter through trees. In the absence of these trees, we cannot even imagine the existence of anything.

Benefits of Natural Resources

But man knows how to take advantage of it but is not ready to protect it. Looking at the situation today, it is known that we want to protect the trees, but perhaps we are not able to show as much effort as should be done.

Trees do the important work of releasing toxic gas like carbon oxide in the air and they eliminate those gases and make us clean auction. By the way, apart from oxygen, trees are also beneficial for us in many ways.

During the summer, a person sweats a lot and at that time only the shade of the tree gives him comfort. Be it birds or animals, all make their nest under the shade of the tree.

Things made of trees

Many things used in our homes are made from trees such as beds, chairs, tables, etc. For these reasons, the tree is useful for us in many ways, as well as useful.

Trees give us many benefits. The leaves of the tree, its root and its wood, all have some use for them. The root of the tree extends deep into the ground, and this is the reason why it helps in preventing landslides and also in draining flood soil.


There are some trees whose wood is strong as well as strong, which we use to make furniture.

Suppose, if trees were not present on this earth, then who would give us shade and it would have become rare for us to breathe pure air, no rain, which does not produce crops, essentials like fruits, wood, flowers and vegetables.

Goods are never received. Our nature is not so beautiful either.

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