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“If there is water, there is life.” If there is water, then there are human beings, animals, animals and all other living beings. We get water through rivers. If there is no river, then we will yearn for water. To get water and many more There is a means, but the river is the biggest help.

River is a unique gift to us by nature. Our life is possible because of rivers, rivers are an important part of our life. We get clean water from rivers. It keeps on running, it never stands still. River We are known by many names like Pravahini, Sarita, etc. There are many names. The place where the river starts is called its origin.

The flowing stream of a river is called a valley. Often rivers are formed by melting snow. The rivers were very long, which originates from many villages and cities. By which the problem of water of that village and city is removed. That is, there But all the living beings get the facility of water.

We get many types of help from rivers. The land from where the rivers flow becomes fertile. All the citizens depend on the river for water. Some old civilizations are also famous for being settled around the river.

Types of Rivers

There are two types of rivers – 1. Sadnar  2. Rainy

Sadner (Sadanira) – Sungai Sadanar which itself becomes water and its main source is a lake, canal etc.

Rain – Such a river that fills in season, especially this type of river is dependent on rain. Such rivers are very long and always flow.

Importance of Rivers

We get water from the river. The beauty of our scene increases from the river. Rivers help in social, economic, scientific and many more ways. Water from rivers for irrigation of fields, drinking water and fish farmers for raising fish use rivers for employment and many other works.

Sometimes, due to some natural calamities, there is a water shortage. Like the absence of rain for a long time, it creates many other problems. There is only one support at this time and that is the use of rivers.

Many rivers in our country are named after God, and we consider these rivers as goddesses and also worship those rivers. Bathing in rivers in our country considers them holy. In earlier times, sages and sages He attained knowledge by doing penance by sitting on the bank of the river.

There are some major holy rivers of our India country like Ganga, Yamuna, Indus, Brahmaputra, Saraswati, Krishna, Kaveri, Yamuna, Jamuna etc.

Damage Caused By Rivers

We keep tinkering with human nature, and the balance of the rivers gets disturbed. Only then do natural calamities come. Disasters like floods, tsunamis, landslides etc. come. The place suffers a lot of damage.

Due to floods in rivers, not only human beings but animals, birds and other water animals also suffer a lot. Due to floods, the life of humans and other creatures is clouded. Because Due to floods in rivers, the houses of people living near the river is ruined, they have to change their residence.

One can take the accident in Kedarnath as the biggest loss due to rivers, in which thousands of people lost their lives. Many people’s lives had come on the road.

It is true that rivers sometimes cause a lot of damage due to natural imbalance, but still rivers are life-giving for everyone. Humans should reduce the natural pollution they do, and understand the importance of rivers and harm should be reduced

Large Rivers of the World:

All the rivers of the world meet with each other, whether big or small. The water of all the rivers goes into the sea. There are many rivers in the world, which are impossible to count. The Nile River has been declared as the largest river in the world. From Africa to the north and then to the Mediterranean, it is spread over a radius of 6650 km. Apart from this, other major rivers include Danube, Mekong, Zambezi, Volga, Mississippi, Ganges, Sepik etc.


We get water from the river, water is very important for our life. Our natural beauty increases from the river. People go to the banks of the river to eat fresh air in the morning and evening, which is essential for our body.

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