My Favourite Game Essay in English

my favorite game essay

My Favourite Game Essay in English, Engaging in games is crucial for maintaining good health. It not only ensures physical fitness but also serves as a protective measure against diseases. Having a physical hobby is essential, a sentiment echoed by numerous nutritionists and doctors. Among the various games that children indulge in, such as cricket, basketball, football, tennis, and badminton, cricket holds a prominent place in India. However, my personal favorite is Cricket.

Sports are a big deal, not just in our own country but all around the world. When you play an outdoor game, your whole body, even your brain, gets in on the action. Plus, sports teach us loads of stuff like how to work together and plan things, which also keeps our minds feeling pumped. And when it comes to my favorite game, it’s definitely cricket.

Cricket is not just a game for me; it’s my absolute favorite. The excitement of the ball hitting the bat, the strategies involved, and the unforgettable moments make cricket more than just a sport. It’s something I truly love and enjoy.

The Origins of Cricket

Cricket started way back in the 16th century in South East England. By the 18th century, it had become England’s favorite sport, and as time passed, it spread to different nations under British rule, becoming part of their shared experiences. Since 1877, people from around the world have been playing international matches, making cricket the second most popular sport globally, right after football.

Looking after the international cricket scene is the International Cricket Council (ICC). The game was originally called “Creckett” but eventually got its name “Cricket.” Its popularity grew a lot in the 1800s, and it became widely recognized.

In the era of the British Raj in India, cricket was introduced and swiftly garnered favor. The people of India embraced the sport and have since achieved global success, making them champions. Cricket, originally conceptualized by Prince Edward, has gained widespread adoration on a global scale.

It’s a bat-and-ball sport with two teams of eleven players each. The game’s rules are simple, making it accessible even for children. This simplicity contributes to cricket being the most popular sport in the Indian subcontinent.

When there’s a test match or a national/international competition, a massive number of cricket fans flock to stadiums to watch the game. People have their favorite teams, creating large fan bases. The atmosphere in a filled stadium is electrifying, with rival fans passionately cheering for their teams.

Cricket matches usually go on for five days, and there’s a day off in between. Each team has eleven players. The whole test match includes two parts called innings – the first and the second. The total runs scored by both teams in these innings decide the winner and loser. My Favourite Game Essay in English

Why is Cricket my Favourite Game?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) arranges and approves various international matches each year. They set the rules and let teams compete.

The Cricket World Cup is a big deal, happening every four years among top-ranked teams. Different countries host it each time, making it a super competitive tournament. It’s my favorite cricket event.

Prior to the beginning of a match, a coin is flipped to determine which team will either bat or bowl first. The winner of the toss gets to choose. But both teams get a chance to bat and bowl.

Winning and losing in cricket are what make it exciting. When a batsman hits a “chauka” (four) or a “chhakka” (six) with the ball, the whole stadium buzzes with cricket fans’ cheers, especially if it’s your favorite team batting.

Cricket is hugely popular in India. It’s my favorite sport, and I love watching every match. Most Indians have grown up watching and playing cricket in their neighborhoods, making the game really special to us.

Formats of Cricket 

Several cricket formats include T-20, One-Day Internationals, Limited Overs, National League Systems, and Test Matches.

Test Matches:

  • Duration: Played over five days. Test matches are the longest format of the game and can last up to five days.
  • Teams: Involves two countries selected by the ICC.
  • Overs: Each day comprises 6 hours with a minimum of 90 overs.
  • Pace: Slow-paced, strategic, and often seen as the pinnacle of cricket.
  • Attire: Players wear white clothing, and red cricket balls are traditionally used.
  • Importance: Test cricket is considered the pinnacle of the sport, emphasizing endurance, skill, and strategic play.

National League Systems:

  • Examples: Smaller teams in England, states in Australia, islands in the West Indies, and India’s Ranji Trophy.
  • Duration: Typically lasts around three to four days.
  • Pace: Varies but generally a slower-paced format.

Limited Over Cricket:

  • Types: Includes One Day Internationals (ODIs), T-20, and 100-ball cricket.
  • Aim: Matches aim to conclude in a single day.
  • Overs: Limited overs for each team, with specific rules for weather interruptions.

One Day International (ODI):

  • Duration: ODIs are limited-overs matches played in a single day. A 50-over match played between two countries.
  • Popularity: Widely used and followed, striking a balance between Test matches and T-20.
  • Overs: Each team faces a set number of overs, usually 50, for batting and bowling.
  • Attire: Players wear colored clothing, and white or colored cricket balls are used.
  • Importance: ODIs strike a balance between the lengthy Test matches and the rapid pace of Twenty20 (T20) cricket. They often serve as part of international series or tournaments.

T-20 (Twenty-20):

  • Duration: T20 matches are the shortest, typically completed in a few hours.
  • Overs: Each team faces a maximum of 20 overs for batting and bowling.
  • Attire: Players wear colored clothing, and white or colored cricket balls are used.
  • Importance: T20 cricket is known for its fast-paced and entertaining nature, making it popular for leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL). It aims to provide a concise and thrilling cricketing experience.

My Favourite Game Essay in English 10 lines

  1. Cricket is my favorite game.
  2. It is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams.
  3. The game involves hitting a ball with a bat and scoring runs by running between wickets.
  4. I love the excitement and strategy involved in cricket matches.
  5. Cricket matches can be long, like Test matches, or short and thrilling, like T20 games.
  6. The sound of the ball hitting the bat and the cheers of the crowd make it an enjoyable experience.
  7. The Cricket World Cup, held every four years, is a major highlight for me.
  8. I respect the abilities of iconic cricket players such as Sachin Tendulkar, who holds a revered status as a cricket icon in India.
  9. Cricket is not just a game; it brings people together, creating a sense of unity and joy.
  10. Playing or watching cricket is not just a hobby for me; it’s a passion that brings immense happiness.


In summary, cricket is an awesome sport with many different ways to play. There’s the slow and strategic Test Matches, the quick and exciting T-20 games, and the well-known One-Day Internationals.

Even smaller teams get to show off their skills in the National League Systems. In places like India, cricket isn’t just a game; it brings people together and makes them proud of their country. As cricket keeps growing and making fans happy, it’s clear that this sport has a special place in the hearts of people everywhere. My Favourite Game Essay in English


What is cricket?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams, where players score runs by hitting the ball and running between wickets.

How long does a Test match last?

Test matches can last up to five days, with each day’s play lasting 6 hours.

What is the purpose of the Duckworth-Lewis Method in limited-overs cricket?

The Duckworth-Lewis Method adjusts target scores in case of weather interruptions during limited-overs matches.

What is T-20 cricket?

T-20, or Twenty-20, is a shorter format with each team facing only 20 overs, making it a faster-paced game.

What is the Cricket World Cup?

The Cricket World Cup is a major international tournament held every four years, featuring high-ranked teams.

What are the National League Systems in cricket?

National League Systems involve matches between smaller clubs and teams, lasting around three to four days.

Why is cricket popular in India?

Cricket is seen as a cultural phenomenon in India, uniting people and fostering a sense of national pride.

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