Essay on Free Education, Education should be Free in India

Education being free can prove to be a beneficial for the people. This will act as a positive thinking. Because we are all well aware of how corrupt the world is today. Leaders do not pay any attention to education even after sitting in high positions. They have to increase the level of education further only then the country will be able to develop well.

If the people of our country are educated then surely no one can stop the development of the country. Many people are unable to pursue education due to financial problems and various circumstances. Talking about each of the developed countries or the developed world, then every citizen there is provided free primary and secondary education.

If education is made free, then both the development and future of that country will improve. By doing this, the development of the country will be accelerated, which will take our country in the right direction. Education should be equal for all because an educated citizen pursues his work with full restraint and diligence, which is convenient for common people.

Business of Education by People

If education is seen in a way, it does not become a problem for anyone, but it is an important step for them to move forward in social and political life. It seen nowadays, education has remained a business which people are doing to earn more and more money. If someone wants to get a good education at present, then he needs a lot of money, then he will be able to get further education.

There should be no business and monopoly regarding education, but there should be a monopoly so that everyone can move forward together, this should be the case in the practice of education. Education should not be kept monopoly; it should be kept uniform so that people suffering from the problems of poverty and hunger can also be liberal. Otherwise it should be said that the future of the country or the future of the world will not be developed at all.

People should be given at least that much education so that they can solve their problems and make their future better.

Identity of Education in Society

Talking about today’s society, it is very important for people to be educated. If the society is educated then the whole country will be educated and the future of the country will also improve and will go on the right path. The most important thing is to have a sense of education in the society. If the level of education in the society is to be saved, then it is necessary for the people to be educated.

There are some people in the society who do not have strong financial support. If seen nowadays, whatever educational institutions are there in the country, if you want to be a part of or learn then there is a need to pay money. But unfortunately people who are poor or have less financial money, they cannot take admission in schools and institutions as per their wish. Their desire remains unfulfilled; they are not able to continue their future studies because their income is not of that level.

Therefore it should be such that when it comes to education, everyone should have equal education without fees.

Future of Education

If we look at education, then we have an important basis for the future to be successful in the future. Talking about education, it should be made free for all. Because not everyone can afford it; By the way, for taking admission in schools and institutions, they propose very high fees.

Some people work hard day and night to get their child admitted in good schools. But there are some people who are not able to collect enough money for this education and stop their child’s further studies. Therefore, in the matter of education, attention should be paid to all and everyone should get education.

Nowadays, admission fees in private schools and universities are taken in very high amounts. Education should not be like this, education means knowledge which we can get from our hard work and not money; there should be such a system.

Is Education the Right of Every Child?

Everyone has the right to education, but at this time only those with money are getting education well. Seeing this, not everyone is born in a house with a strong financial condition. He does not have enough achievement, so that he can provide good education with his child’s full education.

If people want to be successful, then there is a need to make education free. There are some people in whose house due to financial constraints, they send their child to work at an early age. This means that due to uneducated people, unemployment increases in the country. Due to low income, children are not getting good education.

The Government of India should provide free education to the children living in poor families. The government needs to pay attention to this because every child has his own right on education.

Essay on Education Free in 10 Lines

Guarantee of education – This means that if the government guarantees free education, then children of all classes will get equal education. With this, children will get the opportunity to be successful by getting the education they want.

Safe Life – If education is an important basis for living a life full of secure, this makes us an educated, decent, courteous man, who will be easy to achieve success in future.

Education Better Approach – Education makes everyone better. It gives us the ability to understand life better with positive thinking. Through free education approach, all students will be equal.

Increase in employment opportunities – If everyone gets free education, then more and more students will be educated and smart, then employment opportunities will automatically increase.

Sense of equality – If all the people get educated then they will look at each other with respect. A good atmosphere will be created in the society.

Promoting Fairness – An important step is to promote the spirit of fairness from school to society. can be obtained through free education.

Class Density – If free education is given to all, then obviously the number of students in the class will increase. This will boost the morale of the children and there will be no worry about their coaching, tuition fees.

Availability of student loan – If this thing is available then it will be very convenient for the students to study. Then they will be free from their college or university fees, they can do their further studies diligently.

Open access – Free education provided in college plays an important role,  Students and children who can easily get education from primary, higher education to degree.

Students’ own future – If the student gets free education, then he can help in making the future successful as per his wish.


Providing free education has become a necessity. Many students will find it easy to choose their career. They can take education as per their wish.

The government should promote this free education. So that students and children of every class can get good education in their life. People from the educated class can also help in taking forward this campaign so that the orphan and poor child can get education.

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