Essay on Importance of Savings & Investment In English

 Friends, there is a different importance on the importance of savings or investment. We can understand this importance only by easily facing the problems coming in the future of our life. That’s why we should keep saving little by little.

In today’s time of inflation, we cannot achieve much by just saving. That’s why it is also necessary for us to invest in life so that the same value increases.

Nowadays people do not get to see much increase in value just by saving money. That’s why today people invest money in investment so that they can see the true value of it.

People can accumulate a lot of money over a long period of time by investing. So that in the coming future, his family can lead a very comfortable life. Even if there is a problem, it does not face much difficulty in dealing with it.

Importance of Savings & Benefits of Investment

We can take advantage by saving and investing in many ways. which is like this –

Source of Income

If at this time you have a job or business and you are getting daily income from it. So you can withdraw a small amount from it every month and keep it in the form of investment or savings.

Because with your increasing age and after retirement, he will become your support. Which will be useful for the diseases that come according to your age and for your daily expenses.

If you invest, you get good returns in old age. Which helps in developing your source of income.

Make Wealth

If you want to become a rich person, then it is very important to make small savings for future needs. Butyou do not know the right way to save and invest, then you cannot become rich.

If you invest any money with regular discipline in investment, then you can also become a millionaire. At present, there are many apps available for investing. As we can achieve our financial goal by long term according to the rule of mutual fund.

At this time, if you are 25 years old, then this is the right time to start investing. If you invest one lakh rupees annually, then by the age of 60 you can become the owner of about 5 crores. If you have been estimated as returning 12% annually.

Set your Financial Goals

If you want to invest by celebrating yourself a financial goal. So first of all you should estimate your investment amount.

If you invest by estimating the amount according to 10 years, then you can definitely achieve that goal. But you should set the investment target keeping in mind all the inflation, purchasing capacity and needs within that 10 years.

That’s why before selecting every goal, it should be understood by multiplying it properly so that no problem arises in the future.

Planning after Retirement

It is very important to choose the option of saving and investing for your post-retirement. Because as your age increases, the vulnerability of diseases also increases. And according to the time the inflation rate will also increase.

For this reason, it is necessary for us to save and invest every month according to our finances thinking about our retirement.

We should invest only after properly calculating retirement planning by our age. Which gives us good returning so that our future can be golden.

Financially Independent

Financially independent simply means that you cannot depend on others financially. You can spend the rest of your life comfortably with your investment.

For this, you do not want to depend on your child or relative. Even after you are a senior citizen, your own expenses ie whatever are the essential things. You can pay for it from your pocket. You have your own freedom for all these things.

If you want financial freedom then you should choose long term planning. Which will be good for you only if it has a good return margin.

Fight Inflation

If you choose an investment plan keeping in mind the average rate of inflation. So it will prove to be good for you in fighting the coming inflation and the amount will also be left in your hand. The hand will not be empty at all.

To avoid this inflation rate, choose a long-term plan and keep investing every month, whose return is 14-15%. Even if the inflation rate increases by 1-2% in the coming years, you will be able to live your life well.

You cannot ignore this thing at all. Because this work can make you bear the effect of inflation. There is only one platform to invest over the long term that gives you the right value and that is Mutual Funds.

Benefit of Compounding

If you are an investor then you will know about it very well. If you are new to what is called investing in mutual funds, then I can explain this thing in my own way. Because I am not an economist.

Just can help you to understand in a simple way. If you have done MUTUAL growth investment then if you get 8% return on 10,000 then it will become 10,800 in the first year.

Accordingly, in the first year you are getting 10,800 with the return. Then in the same second year, according to the 8% return, the amount will be Rs 864, which will be your only interest rate. Similarly, every year this amount will be added according to 8 percent.


Friends, to make our life accessible, it is necessary to invest in everything along with savings. Because no one knows when it will happen.

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