Essay On Air Pollution For Students & Children

Air pollution continues to be a serious problem all over the world. It is increasing the people with very dangerous diseases. Most of the diseases are related to breathing. There are serious diseases like asthma, cough, cancer, heart attack etc. Air pollution is polluted throughout the environment.

These pollutants are spread by toxic fumes emanating from big companies, chemical factories. Tomorrow the air is polluted by the smoke emanating from factories and chimneys.


In particular, air pollution is more prevalent in big cities, because in cities, the air is polluted more by motorcycles, fumes from the big vehicles and industrial process, burning of garbage in the open, etc. in some places. But due to the work of building construction, air is also polluted by flying dust, pollen and natural gas.

It is only from the activities of mankind and nature that people should plant more trees and use air purifiers. Activities done by humans also spread air pollution, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide from transport. Cigarette pickers emit smoke; emit radiation from electronic goods and other activities, toxic gases are found in the atmosphere.

Meaning of Air Pollution

We all know the importance of air in our lives. We all know that air is an important part of the earth. All living animals on earth need oxygen to live, which is obtained from clean air. And clean air is tree plants. Therefore we need to plant more trees. All humans and animals also need oxygen.

Therefore, we should stop the felling of trees, so that we get pure oxygen air from the tree plants. Because the trees are the most important in our life. The trees absorb the carbon dioxide that we have left and instead We provide pure oxygen to us. There are trees near our houses, so the surrounding environment is also pure. In a way, our life is connected with each other.

Due to Air Pollution

The main cause of air pollution on the earth is man-made. To cut down forests and do industrial work, like tomorrow factory, motor vehicles, smoking, pesticides, stubble burning, etc. are all sources of air pollution.

The toxic gases that come out of the smelting from large companies and plastic factories pollute the air and then pollute the entire atmosphere consisting of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitric oxide in the atmosphere. All gases are very harmful for human health. This causes serious life-threatening diseases.

Disease caused by Air Pollution – fatal diseases caused by air pollution are cancer, asthma, heart disease, heart attack, eye irritation, eye damage, etc.

Sources of Air Pollution

There are many sources of increasing air pollution, which occur through various activities of mankind.

  • The work done in our houses like the use of fuel, wood, coal, earthen oil and gas etc. are used. All these use carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • Using modern vehicles such as motorcycles, using four wheelers, the smoke that comes out pollutes the air.
  • When there is acid rain, it forms vapor and mixes in the air and then pollutes the air. Acid rain occurs as the first rain of the year.
  • Acid is mixed with sulfur dioxide (SO2) and water in the form of rain. (H2SO4) is formed as drops of rain.


We need to protect the trees and plant more trees. Do not throw any waste in the open. The government should stop deforestation.

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