Teacher Day Essay in English for All Classes

Any teacher brings a better tomorrow in our life and becomes great and most important part. Teachers prove to be very helpful to us in achieving success along with our knowledge, skill level, confidence. That is why we also have some responsibilities towards our teachers.

For a human being his first teacher is his parents. In our country, importance is being given to teacher and education since ancient times.

There is only one Guru who guides our life properly and also teaches the right way to live. These gurus inspire us to walk on the right path.

Light of Education

Every human being needs to be warmly welcomed like a true and sincere student and he should be devoted to his good spirit to bring the lives of many students on the path of truth apart from studying whole life.

Our Gurus are the real holders of knowledge, skills and prosperity, with the help of which they shape our lives and prepare us for tomorrow.

Teachers work to spread the light of knowledge in everyone’s life. Our teachers are the reason behind our success.

Teacher’s Respect

Every year 5th of September falls on the birth anniversary of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who had thought of celebrating his birthday as Teacher’s Day in honor of teachers all over India.

It is said that he was very much in love with the profession of teacher. These teachers teach us the lessons of truth and morality according to our knowledge, ability and self-reliance. They always inspire us to do good work in life.

Students are taught since childhood that our teacher or guru should be respected and celebrate this honor every year, which everyone celebrates with great joy and enthusiasm.

Unique relationship with Students

Teacher’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate and express the bond between the students. On this day, all the students and teachers celebrate with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the institutions of education like colleges, universities and many other institutions. Everyone wishes the teachers all the best for their success and good future.

In today’s time, the importance of Teacher’s Day has been very high. Students studying on this day are very happy and make plans according to the wishes of the teachers of their choice.

Some students give gifts to the teachers of their choice like greeting cards, pens, books etc. All these gifts are considered good. We pay tribute and glory to all the Gurus in our country.


We are forbidden to give anything to our teachers in place of their great job. It is the duty that one should always respect and give to his teacher.

We all should take a firm pledge to give respect and respect to our teachers in our everyday life because without a true and noble teacher of thought we are incomplete in this world.

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