Essay on Terrorism in English for All Classes Students

Vladimir Putin has said that “Terrorism has no nationality or religion. Terrorism has its worst enemies. Whoever kills an innocent, and then there is no humanity or humanity left in him.

Terrorism is a great fear of the society which is being used to threaten the common citizens and the government. It has been seen that terrorism is being used in many political works to achieve its goal quite easily.

Terror is a curse for Society

Terrorism is the illegal act of violence that terrorists do to intimidate and intimidate people. Terrorism has now become such an issue that we can see daily reading in newspapers and news. The word terrorism has been replaced by a number of social communities, politicians and business activities to achieve their needs in a very simple way.

A group of people who support a terrorist minded is known by the people as terrorist.

Mentioning the evils of terrorism is not so easy because it has spread its roots far and wide. Such people have no laws, they just use to increase the level of terror around them and in their nation and make them more violent.

Enemy of Humanity

This country of humanity and culture has suffered a lot due to terrorism because there are many groups of these terrorists who fulfill their desired tasks by taking the help of wrong paths in a secret way; our country has also been dealing with terrorism for the last many years.

This terrorism is not coming from outside but is from amongst us who are thinking bad of their own country. Most and active terrorism in India country is present on the border of Pakistan because terrorists many times try to come to our nation and many are killed due to infiltration but terrorist people many times try to spread evil in which it is not any Succeed at some point.

Important Issue of Society

We read about the terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai a few years back in which a large number of people were killed, the contractor of these terrors killed most of the people in the Taj Hotel and this attack is like a nightmare for all the people even today.

This is the reason that to put an end to these anti-nationals or terrorism, the army of our country is stationed on the border of India every time, which prevent the terrorists from crossing the border So that all of us can always breathe safely in our country and come anywhere.

The terrorism can only bring destruction and harm to the entire human race. However, some people join terror to fulfill their personal needs. Then the result of every evil is bad, those who are associated with terrorist organizations roam around with very dangerous weapons, due to which they can attack anyone and at any time.


The one who supports terror is called terrorist and it is ruling the whole country like British government, and we need to be completely free from it.

By the way, it is seen that terrorism is always trying to spread its roots very cleverly in the whole world, because there are some people of the country who are trying to do terrorism for their own benefit to get their wrong and cruel ideas. are giving open cooperation.

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