Essay On Diligence, Importance of Diligence in Life

Friends, everyone knows that hard work is the key to success. But nowadays people want to earn money even without hard work, which is not possible. Some people do so by doing that means they earn money by doing a little hard work. But they are not able to accumulate this money for long. Nowadays man cannot do anything in his life without hard work.

As we all know, in the Bhagavad Gita, the importance of this hard work has been very well taught by Lord Krishna to his applicant Arjuna that “Karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachanah”. The reality of man is the work that is worshipped, that is, through his hard work. Without all this it is very difficult for a man to get happiness and prosperity.

Anyone who runs away from this hard work, he is completely workless, lazy, unhappy and dependent on others. Such people are not able to do anything in their future life, they just keep sitting on their hands.

We should give equal importance to hard work in our life as much as we give to food to live our life ahead. If we see any great person, then we do not become great like this, because of his hard work behind him, he would have been successful. People need hard work to be successful.

Importance of Diligence

The real importance of hard work is the person who achieves it by working hard for his desires or dreams; he is actually called a hardworking person. A hardworking person always chooses his own path to achieve his aspirations. A hard-working person never backs down from the difficulties and troubles that come in the way; he achieves his destination and makes him successful.

Hard work is something that can make any work impossible. History is witness that the harder a person works, that is, the more he makes his life easier. There is no limit to hard work.

A hardworking person always earns not only money from his hard work, but he also gets the sympathy of happiness, peace, fame, fame and joy from his hard work.

On the other hand, if we look at the karmic people, they always depend on their laziness. Whatever work has to be done, he always depends on his luck. Such people never see the shortcomings inside themselves; always they keep finding faults and faults in others. Such people live by luck, whatever they get in their life; they keep it as God’s gift. But never try to work even a little bit from your side.

There is a need to work hard for the development and prosperity of the people. This is a request to all the people, all the people are hardworking, which is a key to success for human beings. If you see the journey from the first till now, then the one who solves all the problems in the path of progress and development, keeps moving forward and never backs down from working hard.

What is the true Nature of labor?

If seen, what is the real nature of hard work, people often remain confused about how to work hard and when to do it. The truth is that people should keep working hard without worrying about the results. This is the statement that Lord Shri Krishna ji has said in the Gita.

Because a person who works hard becomes successful one day or the other, whenever we start any work, then we should keep doing that work with dedication. Success will come automatically if we work hard with full dedication.

Benefits of Hard Work

No one gets the benefit of hard work so easily, whether he is rich or poor. Everyone has to work hard and only those who work hard continuously become a successful man. In this way, we should also keep working hard without hesitation.

If we see the world today, it has become very comfortable for people to live and eat. Those people do not even know about the hard work and they become lazy day by day. But today’s young generation has to understand that no success comes without hard work.

Do you get to learn something different from hard work?

In today’s time, there is a race among the people. If we do not do any hard work or hard work in the right way, then we will be left behind in today’s race. That’s why we get to learn something different from our hard work, which has the ability to be the best. It teaches us to face our difficult situations. Through hard work, people are ready to change themselves and face the difficult challenges that come.

We get success by working hard but with that good character is formed. Respect, fame and fame also increase in the society. There is a feeling of positivity among the people. There will be many examples to be seen in such history, who have established so many records because of their hard work. Like Dr.A. P.J. Abdul Kalam, who gave many missiles to the country of India through hard work, due to which he is known as Missile Man. Abdul Kalam became the President of India and scientist also due to his hard work.

Likewise J. J. Thomson is said to have been thrown out of school because of his childhood retardation. But he invented the bulb on the strength of his hard work and ability. But he did not stop working even after failing a thousand times in his work; in the end he got success. That’s why we should not stop working hard.


It is said that one who works hard with body and mind, never loses. We all should be taught to work hard so that we can achieve our destination. Hard work is the only thing that can bring everything in your life. Those who work hard definitely bring laurels to their country and society.

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