Rainy Season Essay in English for All Classes Students

As soon as the summer season goes, so does the rainy season and it also bring many happy moments for us. The arrival of rain in our country of India occurs in the months of July, August and September.

In India, the rainy season is one of the four seasons, which is the most special; this season is mainly of three months, which is mainly in the months of Ashadha, Shravan and Bhadon.

Often people eagerly wait for the rainy season due to the heat, heat, heat and irritation due to the strong sun. But people also have to face problems due to excessive rain. When there is light rain, there is a very golden season, people enjoy and enjoy this time.


In India, the rainy season starts every year in the month of July. Long wait for this golden rainy season. This season starts from July i.e. Ashadh and ends in September i.e. Bhadon (Bhadrapada). The people of this season are waiting very eagerly.

It is necessary for the people of this season as well as for the trees and plants and all the birds and animals, for all the animals who are dying of thirst, they are not less than any nectar.

This season brings relief as well as relief to all living animals, birds and humans. During the rainy season, the blue sky is seen shining with clouds in the sky.

In this rainy season, many times rainbow is also visible which is in seven colors. After the rain, the whole environment changes, it is very beautiful to see the forest and the plains.

Effect of Rainy Season on Nature

When the rainy season comes, with the growth of all new trees and plants, the drying trees also turn green, which increases the beauty of nature.

Whenever it rains, all the sources associated with them like ponds, rivers and small pits get filled with water. In many places, drains are also filled with playgrounds and roads.

Some people like the weather of the rainy season and many people do not like it. Because whenever it rains lightly, there is mud all around.

Side Effects of Heavy Rain

Whenever this rainy season comes, along with happiness comes a moment of sorrow. Whenever the amount of rain is high, it becomes a problem for the people. Due to excessive rains, flood-like situation occurs in many places, which affects the life of the people.

In many places people become homeless due to floods of rain, they go to some other place and take shelter till the effect of flood subsides and then everyone starts living after repairing their house.

In many places, due to the filling of water in small pits, destructive bacteria are produced, due to which many types of infectious diseases spread. For example, there are many diseases related to diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and digestion.

Importance of Rainy Season

By the way, all the seasons have a different significance. But a special importance is given to the rainy season because all the living beings are suffering from the heat and eagerly wait for the rain.

As far as everyone knows, life on this earth is not possible without water. As soon as the rainy season comes, everyone is filled with joy. Due to the lack of rain, there is a water famine, all the animals living on the earth become in bad condition.

This has a very bad effect on the life of all living beings. India is an agricultural country, and it is not possible to do agriculture without rain.

For this reason, all the farmers eagerly wait for the rain and as the rainy season arrives, the farmers jump with joy because greenery comes in their dry fields, along with the lack of water is also fulfilled.

Rainy Season Scene

With the arrival of the rainy season, a different glimpse of the earth is seen. As soon as the rain drops on the earth, a different kind of fragrance starts rising from the earth.

All the trees and plants become green and new life comes in all the trees. The birds start tweeting happily in the evening, because of the small clouds in the sky, the atmosphere looks very beautiful.

Characteristic of the Rainy season

Whenever the rain comes, a different feature is seen.

  • With the arrival of the rainy season, the farmers become favorable for farming.
  • Wherever there is a dry famine, the water level rises again.
  • Forests and forests, which were being happy because of the dreadful drying of summer, all of them become green again.
  • Man gets relief from severe heat due to rain.
  • A new life comes inside all the animals distraught by the heat.


When the rainy season comes, it brings a season of happiness for all. Rain becomes a cause of loss along with advantages.

Due to excessive rain, crops and houses are also damaged. That is why we need that some concrete steps should be taken with the government to fight it firmly.

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