Essay on Rainy Season in English for Student & Children’s

The rainy season has a different pleasure. This rainy season has its own importance for everyone. For the people who are heated by the scorching heat, the rainy season is eagerly awaited. Whenever the rainy day comes, there is a sigh of relief for all.

If seen, for a common man, the real meaning of the rainy season is to bring relief from the heat. Whenever it rains, do all the animals and birds also feel relief in their lives? The weather gets cold all around, everything is shown clean and washed, which is a different pleasure to see.

The rainy season has a different importance from all the other seasons, which is necessary for all the animals. It happens outside this season that all the tree plants, small and small, bloom full of green. It was as if he had been waiting for the raindrops for many days.

Due to the severe heat, all the trees, plants and ponds and rivers have dried up, they again become green again due to rain and the level of water also increases. Due to the rains, the whole atmosphere becomes cool and blissful.

Rainy Season Happiness Day

The rainy season starts from the last week of June or the month of July. According to the Hindu calendar, rainfall occurs from the month of Ashadh to the month of Bhadrapada (Bhadon). In the meantime, people enjoy the joyful enjoyment of the rainy season.

Rainy day is pleasant and pleasant for the people, because the scorching scorching sun of the increasing summer gets disturbed, due to which they eagerly wait for the rainy season. And as the rainy season comes, their life becomes blissful and the weather becomes cold all around.

Need for Rainy Season

The rainy season is necessary for everyone who lives on the earth. All living beings get a new life because of rain. As soon as the raindrops fall on the earth, the withering trees and plants all become green. And the beauty of the earth begins to be adorned.

Whatever earth, rivers and ponds remain completely dry due to summer season. Whenever the rainy season comes, again the moisture in the dry earth and all the rivers, ponds get filled with water. Again, animals come in it to drink and live in water.

Enjoy the Rainy Season for Children’s

Children get the most pleasure of this season. Because the children also had to face the scorching heat, due to which they find it difficult to study in school. Children get very excited as soon as the rainy season comes.

During the rainy season some children like to get out of the house and get wet in the rain. They take different pleasure in doing all this.

At some point of time, there is a lot of rain sometimes, then schools, colleges are closed. Due to which a different happiness is seen on the faces of the children.

Help for Farmers during Rainy Season

Whenever the rainy season comes, it helps a lot to the farmers. The drying crop becomes green again. As soon as the rainy season comes, a different happiness is seen on the faces of the farmers, Because the farmer is sitting with the highest expectation of rain.

When it rains, it becomes easier for the farmers to do agriculture. If the crop is good, then the income and economic condition of the farmers is strong. Rainfall is essential for good crop yields.


If there is a need for rain for the earth and the atmosphere to be in balance, because water is the only life on earth. A different view of the earth is seen when it rains, its beauty is reflected after the rain.

The importance of water is very important for all living beings living on the earth, whether it is birds or wild animals, animals or humans. That is why it is very necessary to have rain on the earth.

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