Essay on Saving in English for Students & Childrens

Saving is such a thing which is used by common man to rich people. We use the money and time saved for our future work. Whether we save small or big, but we must do it.

It is believed that saving is done only in money, but it is not so, apart from that it is also done in time and natural resources. Let us not use the natural resources inappropriately to be responsible citizens of our country.

If seen as an example, some people use cycles to save electricity in their homes and save fuel from their vehicles. If you don’t have to go far away from home, you save money by traveling on foot.

In the same way, we can use the savings in many ways. Along with this, we can also save the environment from getting polluted.

Saving Time to Study

Every student should spend his precious time in studies only. For that he should accumulate the time wasted in all those unrestrained things. So that he can use the savings of that time for his studies.

Studying students always calculate their time, which work has to be done in how much time. According to that he restricts his studies. Those who are clever children manage their time very well by saving it.

Saving for Money

It is said that if you want to do something good for the future, then use the savings money and money for that. Only then life ahead will be pleasant and stress free. However, it is not a matter of saying among the people to save money, this tradition of saving has been going on since ancient times.

In earlier times, people used to save money in piggy bank, pitcher etc. Talking about people’s savings in today’s time, they invest in banks in the form of deposits and in this present time, people invest in big companies through the share market. Which is helpful in dealing with the problems in their future.

Nowadays, money is being saved in a very large amount because after the global pandemic like Corona in 2019, people lost their jobs. Everything was closed for many days due to the lockdown, people who used to work as daily. For them, trouble had arisen like a mountain.

Although help has been provided by the government, charity institutions and other people, but if you do not have money in your hand, you face a thousand problems. For this reason people today are giving more emphasis on saving money.

Savings on Essentials

Nowadays, if seen, people save by cutting even from the goods of every need. Just as a person saves for his future by being skimpy with all the things of his needs like vegetables, fruits, grains, milk etc. So that the coming future can make life easier for her and her child.

Savings by Insurance Company

In today’s time, insurance company has become a new way of saving. People choose the scope of their savings scheme and save it by paying monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly money. Which in their future they use in their children’s studies and other works.

People get this benefit through this insurance company that if for some reason they meet with an accident. So, their family gets the amount provisioned by the insurance company. This helps them to get out of the critical situation.

Today’s savings and tomorrow’s Support

Saving is as important in a man’s life as a man’s life is to live. No matter how much a person’s income is, but his savings are very important. Because any person has to face many difficulties according to the time in his life.

There are many ups and downs in human life. There is always happiness and sorrow in his life. Because even a rich person can reach the brink of poverty at one point of time. That’s why saving in everyone’s life becomes his support for tomorrow.


We all the time need to save for the important things in our future. A student should also understand the importance of saving time.

We should not waste time on anything in vain. Because if there is time, we can do any work easily. Apart from money, you can save other things with it.

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