Importance of Computer Essay in English for Students & Children

The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1837. The full name of computer is (Common Operating Machine Purposefully Used for Technological and Educational Research). Talking about the present time, today’s science has made many inventions, but the invention of computer has a different importance.

In today’s time, computer is an important discovery of modern technology. It is an electronic machine which has the ability to keep all its memory and data safe by storing it inside itself. It has many input and output sides, which connect with it and cooperate in its work.

In this modern time, it is easily used by young children and elders too. Computer is very reliable of people so that they like to keep it with them. And we can use it anywhere with the help of electricity and network. In this, we can easily change our data as well.


Who has the ability to do the difficult work of humans easily. It provides high level results due to its efficiency. In today’s time, life cannot be imagined without computers.

Computer is a modern technology today, which is used in every important place (school, train ticket, online services, etc. everywhere). It has the potential to do more work in less time.

Nowadays we use computer more through internet. Those who are able to convey their message to others in a very short time. Through internet, we can easily get information about our work sitting at home.

In today’s time, computer is very capable, easy to handle and able to edit maximum number of tasks.

The use of computer is always present as our assistant, which is easily used in every field. At present computer is a big contribution in human life. Because it helps in reaching the information of every field to us.

Computer Functionality

It can perform up to 3 million calculations in a second and can remember about 60 thousand words at a time. It has the ability to solve the complexity tasks of the human brain easily.

Computer has a code language and subtle speed. It is a high speed processing machine. The operation of the computer is done by electrical electrons. We measure the speed of computer with micro second scale.

Miscellaneous Computer Uses

In today’s time, computers are being specially used in all railway offices, post offices, operation of aircraft, television, dissemination of telecommunication, operation of big industries, strategic activities, missiles and astronomical knowledge.

We use computers to do various types of work. Increasing power of science in space, computers are being used everywhere in the launch and operation of artificial satellites.

Effects and Importance of Computer

Talking about the present time, computers are being used in every work. Its effect is very important in the use of industry, business, traffic, railway reservation, payment of electricity and water and all works related to education etc.

When the computer was invented in the world, at that time its impact in the technology and business sectors was extraordinary. But as the days progressed, the computer kept establishing its supremacy.

Computer is of great importance in today’s world, a person feels incomplete without it. If seen, the modern world cannot be imagined without computers.

Computer has been a very important contribution to take technology to new heights to bring a big change in this world.

Importance of Computer in the Use of Internet

With the help of internet, we can see and understand some new things. Because you get to see a lot of results by using the search engine. There you can find detailed information about him.

In today’s time, it is very necessary to have a computer to use the Internet. We can search and see the things we need through the Internet, and we can see the news and entertainment related things of the country and abroad.


If we talk about today’s time, then computer is very important in the daily life of human. Nowadays, almost every person has his own personal computer, in which he keeps personal information about his every work.

We also need to be careful about the computer, because losses like cybercrime, online fraud are also included through the internet computer itself. We should use only those things which are beneficial for us.

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