Essay on if I were a Prime Minister in English

Being the Prime Minister is a matter of pride in itself. If I become the Prime Minister, I will first focus on eliminating corruption from the country and try to make India strong.

The post of Prime Minister of any country is the most important, because all the important information of the country is with them. The future of the people of the country depends on the actions of the Prime Minister.

It is a matter of good luck for everyone to get a chance to serve the country. It is a matter of pride for us to be a citizen of India. Only a responsible person can handle the post of Prime Minister properly.

Despite all this, everyone dreams of getting the post of Prime Minister one day. If May had become the Prime Minister, he would have first taken inspiration from all the former Prime Ministers before him from their experience.

Duty towards the nation – Being a Prime Minister reflects the duties of a responsible person towards the nation.

Solution to Public Problems

First of all it comes that man needs something to live his life, then that thing is bread, cloth and house. Most of the common people have shortage regarding all these things.

After becoming the Prime Minister, if we provide facilities to their needy things in the right way, then this works itself will feel like a pride.

If we provide facilities to the common people such as a house to live, good education to study and comfortable employment, then it will be a good initiative in the eyes of the people.

For the poor people of the country, according to their convenience, a special type of scheme should be run, so that welfare of all working class people can be done.

If we really want to improve the life of the poverty level people then first of all we should develop in the villages. So that people have the facility of electricity, water, etc.

Emphasis on Industry and Agriculture

If I become the Prime Minister, first of all my work will be focused in the agriculture sector. All the fields in the villages will have to be made fertile and facilities of fertilizer, ration and water will have to be made available.

Only then all the business related to agriculture will improve and a ray of hope will wake up for our farmer brothers. We have to develop whatever small industries we have by helping humanity.

That’s why the former Prime Minister of our country, Honorable Lal Bahadur Shastri had given this slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. Everyone knows this thing that the backbone of the country is the farmer of our country India. Because it is the farmer who feeds the whole country.

Reforming the Education System

I myself have experienced that since the inception of our country India, not much work has been done in the field of education, therefore poverty and unemployment are increasing in our country.

If I become the Prime Minister, I will first focus on the education system so that every citizen of our country can get good education and become an educated and responsible person.

By doing this, if all the citizens of our country remain educated, then they will not have to wander door to door for livelihood, bread and employment. If you have education, then by working hard you can make yourself self-employed, so that you can earn a living for your family.

If I get the post of Prime Minister, I will insist on building many new schools and colleges and appoint high education and good teachers in all old and new schools, colleges and universities.

Improving the Law and Order of the Country

If I become the Prime Minister, then strengthening the law and order of our country will be the first task. I will take care of the safety and honor of all the citizens of the country.

Another major problem seen nowadays is terrorism which is slowly spreading its foot. Therefore, if I become the Prime Minister, I will stop all the activities of this terrorism and try to root it out and free the people from it.

Change in Politics

These days many incidents are happening due to casteism. The political field is witnessing more of its side effects. Due to all this, corruption, bribery, black marketing, smuggling and riots are taking place in the country.

If I become the Prime Minister, first of all I will try to remove all these evils from the society, for this strict law will be made, so that fear and anti-social activities do not enter their mind.

Strengthen Internal Security

Our country can progress only when our internal security is strong, so if I get the post of Prime Minister, first of all the security of all the citizens of our country will be our priority.

This is possible only when the internal strength of our country is strong. That’s why we will try to root out all the illegal things happening in our country. Like communalism, regionalism, terrorism, separatism, racism etc. can be protected only after ending all of them.


If my dream of Prime Minister comes true, I will work for the betterment of the country and the society. Will promote national unity of the country. I will discharge all my duties like a best citizen.

After becoming the Prime Minister, I will do all the work which is for the benefit and safety of all the citizens of the country. If difficult decisions have to be taken for the progress and development of the country, then I will fulfill my responsibility.

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