Essay on Literature and Society in English

Friends, both literature and society have contributed significantly in human life. Literature and society are considered incomplete without each other. Both of these literature and society cannot be imagined without each other.

Literature cannot be composed without imagining society. And the movable depiction of society is done only through literature. It shares his thoughts and experience in it and makes it aware of the coming society. The entire depiction of society is done by literature, which is also called the mirror of society.

Literature always tries to improve its life and move forward as a learning to society. He has to show mirrors to the society by making it aware of all the problems to come. Therefore, literature is called the mirror of society.

In literature, not only goodness but practices like the evils of society are depicted. Literature life has been criticized by Munshi Premchand ji.

Meaning of Literature

The definition of literature states that ‘Hiten Sansi’ means one who worships everyone’s interest. The same is called literature. The expression of life in literature is needed in some form or the other.

Life can never be absolute; it is so important that its share is real. Which also has some part of the imaginary.

Importance of Litterateur

Any country, society and caste are identified by its literature civilization. Culture is a burning torch of our literature which is a symbol of our national pride. India’s real identity is included in the compositions of poets and writers.

The task of advancing India’s identity, the great poets of our country, Tulsidas, Kabir, Prasad, Pant, Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Sharatchand, Dinkar, Acharya Ramchandra Shukla, Hazari Prasad Divedi, Kalidas, Banabhat only by writers like the country in the world Glory increased.

Literature and Society Relations

Literature and society have an unwavering relationship. Which shows the complete image of the society, in which the enthusiasm of the society expresses expressions like hope, hope and sorrow.

It affects literature through all this sentiment and society is determined by the form of this literature. If there is disappointment in the society, then it looks clear in literature.

If there is a danger of war in the society, then it was also called in the speech of the litterateur. Therefore it is said that literature is a mirror of society. Which makes him see the truth.

By reading the story of Munshi Premchand on the rural farmer, we know how the farmers have been exploited due to the then zamindari system of that time.

In the Veeragatha period, valor was predominant. Therefore, the texts of Veer Rasa, which were written in that period, were written by the then poet Prithvirajaraso, Paralaraso, the main book of Veer Ras was written by the people.

In such a way, the book was composed by great poets like Surdas, Tulsidas and Kabirdas, the predominance of the book of devotion at the time of Bhaktikal.

After that, at the time of Reetikal, Shringar Ras was composed in the society, whose poets gave a sense of poetry towards love, beauty and makeup in the society. Talking, its interest in the society also increased. ‘Bihari Satsai’ composed in that time is the main composition of Shringar Ras.


Any society has its real identity through its literature. The motivator, determinant and luck of all society is literature.

The expressions of society like hope and disrespect, expectation, aspiration, frustration, enthusiasm, joy, controversy etc. are all inherent in literature.

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