Essay On Christmas Day In English for Students

The birthday of Lord Jesus is celebrated as Christmas. Christmas is the biggest festival for Christian communities, although now this festival is also celebrated by people of all religions all over the world. Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December in winter. One member of the family performs the tradition of distributing gifts at midnight by becoming Santa Claus.

Lord Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ was born on this day. That is why it is the biggest festival of the people of Christianity. People of Christianity start preparing for it 15 – 20 days before Christmas. All schools have a week off.

From Christmas to New Year, there is a huge crowd in the markets at this time. Clothes, beards, mustaches, hats, etc. of Santa Claus are available.

A few days before Christmas, programs start in all churches, small and big. This lasts till the New Year. In these programs Christ plays songs, games, prayers and many more. People do cleanliness in their homes, buy new clothes and also prepare different types of dishes.

Every church is decorated for Christmas, and plays depict the birth story of the Lord Jesus Christ. Somewhere there is a whole night program, which goes on till 12 o’clock in the night. After that they congratulate their loved ones.

Short Essay on Christmas (Christmas Essay in English 10 lines),

  • A person of the Christmas community, the festival comes every year on 25 December.
  • Christmas festival belongs to the people of Christianity.
  • Christmas festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  • Let’s start preparations for Christmas a few days in advance.
  • The houses are cleaned before the festival arrives. New clothes are taken, different types of dishes are prepared.
  • The church is specially decorated.
  • Various types of church programs start from a few days ago.
  • In many places, the program goes on all night of Christmas. Exactly after 12 o’clock everyone congratulates their friends, relatives.
  • On Christmas morning there is a prayer meeting in the church.
  • Christmas festival is celebrated by cutting the cake, it is considered necessary to cut the cake.
  • On this day people plant Christmas trees in their homes.
  • Santa Claus gives gifts to children.
  • On this day, we pray by lighting candles in the church.
  • Now people of all religions except Christians celebrate Christmas festival.

By the way, India has a sufficient population for Christians, apart from this, people of all classes are celebrated in their country with secularism in the whole country. The festival of Christmas celebrated in India is also celebrated in the same way as other festivals. It is because people of all religions and different castes also celebrate it. This festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy in India.

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