Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English

Essay on My Favourite Teacher, Teachers play a really important part in our lives because they help us grow and learn. They don’t just teach us about subjects but also about important skills we need in life. What we learn from them in school is what we use when we have to make important decisions or do important things later on in life.

A teacher is someone who makes students want to learn and be better people. I’m in the twelfth grade at a big private school in our city, which has around 2,000 students and about 30 teachers. Out of all these teachers, my favorite is Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey. He’s the one who taught us Biology.

Having a teacher, you feel particularly close to can be a huge benefit, making your school years smoother. A great teacher can also serve as a mentor, supporting you not only academically but also guiding you through various aspects of life.

Personality of My Teacher

Our biology teacher, Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey, is a fantastic combination of excitement and guidance. His love for the subject makes us curious, and he goes beyond just teaching, helping us become thoughtful individuals.

  • Passionate Educator: Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey, our Biology teacher, exudes an unwavering passion for the subject. His fervor and dedication towards Biology ignite an enthusiasm for learning among students. His classes are marked by a contagious energy that makes the subject come alive.
  • Mentorship Beyond Academics: Outside of textbooks, Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey is not just a teacher; he’s also a mentor. He guides us not only through academic challenges but also through life experiences. His mentorship goes beyond just teaching, focusing on building values, ethics, and overall development.
  • Approachable and Supportive: Known for his approachable nature, Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey creates a welcoming environment in the classroom. Students feel comfortable seeking guidance and clarification from him. His supportive demeanor encourages open discussions and fosters a conducive learning atmosphere.
  • Inspiring Curiosity: His teaching style is not confined to delivering lessons but also involves sparking curiosity and critical thinking. He encourages us to question, explore, and delve deeper into the intricacies of Biology, inspiring a thirst for knowledge beyond the syllabus.
  • Role Model and Source of Inspiration: As a role model, Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey exemplifies integrity, dedication, and continuous learning. His commitment to his subject and students serves as an inspiration, motivating us to strive for excellence in both academia and life pursuits.

My Favourite Teacher

Qualities of My Favorite Teacher

Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey has a special way of making hard problems seem easy. He’s patient and explains everything very clearly, so everyone understands. That’s why everyone thinks he’s the best teacher. He’s got all the good qualities a teacher should have.

  • Simplified Problem-Solving: Prabha Shankar Pandey possesses a unique talent for simplifying complex problems, making them easily comprehensible for all students, regardless of difficulty.
  • Possession of Ideal Teacher Qualities: He embodies the characteristics of an ideal teacher, combining various traits that make him highly regarded among students.
  • Abundant Patience: His exceptional patience stands out as one of his most prominent attributes. This quality contributes significantly to why he is revered as the best teacher by everyone.
  • Thorough and Clear Explanations: Prabha Shankar Pandey’s teaching style involves explaining every question or doubt with an abundance of patience and clarity. He ensures that every student grasps the concepts thoroughly before moving forward.

What Makes Him My Favourite Teacher?

Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey is my favorite teacher because he has a special talent for making difficult things easy to understand. His patience and clear explanations help me and all my classmates to learn better. He has all the qualities I admire in a teacher, and his dedication to ensuring we understand everything makes learning enjoyable and less stressful. That’s why he stands out as my favorite teacher.

Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey is my favorite teacher because:

  • Clear Teaching Style: He simplifies tough problems, making them easy for everyone to understand.
  • Exceptional Patience: He patiently explains doubts until we get them, showing he really cares about our learning.
  • Great Qualities: He has all the qualities of an ideal teacher—friendly, approachable, and dedicated.
  • Making Learning Easy: His teaching method makes complex topics simple and interesting, which makes learning enjoyable.
  • Supportive Nature: He’s always there to help, making us feel comfortable asking questions without feeling judged.
  • Inspiration and Guidance: Beyond academics, he inspires us to be better individuals, guiding us through challenges both in studies and life.

Conclusion (My Favourite Teacher)

Mr. Prabha Shankar Pandey stands out as not just a teacher but a remarkable mentor who has greatly influenced my learning experience. His unique ability to simplify complex concepts, coupled with an abundance of patience and dedication, has made him more than just an educator.

He is an amazing teacher who makes learning fun and comfortable for everyone. He always encourages us to learn and improve. His constant support, helpful guidance, and the way he teaches have made a big impact on my education. He is my favorite teacher, and his influence goes beyond the classroom.


What makes a teacher someone’s favorite?

A favorite teacher is often someone who inspires, supports, and engages students in learning, creating a positive impact beyond just teaching the subject.

What qualities do students appreciate in their favorite teacher?

Students value qualities like approachability, passion for teaching, patience, mentorship, encouragement, and the ability to simplify complex topics.

Can a favorite teacher influence career choices?

Absolutely. A favorite teacher’s guidance, encouragement, and inspiration can significantly impact students’ career choices and aspirations.

How does a favorite teacher create an engaging classroom environment?

By being enthusiastic, employing innovative teaching methods, encouraging student participation, and making learning enjoyable, a favorite teacher fosters an engaging atmosphere.

Can a favorite teacher affect students’ confidence levels?

Yes, a favorite teacher’s support, constructive feedback, and belief in their students can significantly boost their confidence levels.

Why is it important to have a favorite teacher?

A favorite teacher can make a profound impact on a student’s educational journey, inspiring a love for learning, providing guidance, and serving as a positive role model.

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