Essay on Republic Day in English for All Classes Students

We celebrate with a very enthusiasm, pride and enthusiasm on the occasion of Republic Day every year. These days are very important from the Indian perspective for every citizen. On the day of our country, we are celebrated the republic of the day.

About 3 years after the independence of India (January 26, 1950) we became a summosphere, secular and democratic, republic. The total time in making Indian constitution was 2-year, 11-month, 18-day, in which there is a description of all security rights from fundamental rights.

Today, the Constitution was formally adopted, our constitution has been written in the biggest and accurate way in the world, first of all, Mahatma Gandhi was also contributing with Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar ji with Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar ji.

History of Republic Day

On August 15, on August 15, when our country was completely freedom to the country, the rule of law or saying to run our country was the strict need of the constitution. To run India, there were no special and political facts that could run a whole country well.

However, in 1935, in 1935, according to the Act of the Government of India was originally ruled by ruling. But this act was a major lean towards the colonial rule, thinking about this, our India country, the then political party decided that a special constitution which is in the interest of India and its guidance improve the future of the country.

Our great man to complete the work of the Constitution led by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar in August 28, 1947, and later it was presented by this Constitution Committee on November 4, 1947. Although its process was very long, it took 166 days to be completed. Apart from this, all the sessions in the event of this committee were also open to the public. This constitution was clearly clear that the people had to balance the objectives, in which all Indian citizens could get equal rights related to their religion, culture, caste, gender etc.

When the functioning of this constitution was completed, it was officially presented in front of the country in the form of Indian Constitution in January 26, 1950.

Since then on 26th January is celebrated as “Republic Day”. The British rule ended, which has the origin of a new morning for all the Indians.

Republic Day Maha Parv

Republic Day is represented by respect and integrity of the country by singing the nationality and integrity of the country by singing the Republic Day, together with respect and honor in one door, with respect and honor in one door. By taking Mahaparv on the red hand, the parade is done till India Gate, in which all the defense and security personnel of India are organized.

On that day the flag is done by the Hon’ble President, the wonderful scene is seen by the Army, Navsena, Air Force, participating in the parade on this day, along with the entire world, the whole world’s eyes were seen to see the bravery and power of India. It is, along with all the states of India are extracted which every state reflects its sovereignty and civilization.

In Alva Vidyalaya, the colorful program is also done on the Republic Day in its own way, in which all students reflect by the performance of their art program in which (songs, music, drama etc.).

Republic Day Celebration

In our country, people celebrate with great enthusiasm and happiness  on 26th January. On this particular day, the people celebrate together with each other and forgetting religion, caste, discrimination together.

If this is said, then our India reflects unity in diversity. On 26th January, the capital of India is celebrated with the Parade in New Delhi. This special day displays the power of Indian Army and the cultural civilization of India with Indianism in Parade. 21 guns salute are also given after the national anthem.

During this 26th January, in every city of every state, people are national anticipation on the occasion of Republic Day, after that the tricolor flag is hoisted in respect of our country. After this, after hoisting the flag, our freedom fighters are saluted by remembering, which has sacrificed the country to free.

This day is a very proud day for Indian people. On this day, the child participates in the schools in schools. They take care of their form as their ideal freedom fighters. The children who perform well in many schools are honored.

Importance of January 26

India is considered to be very great importance in the country on 26th January. In 1929, a proposal was passed by the Congress in Lahore on December 29, which was declared by the Congress convention, full Swaraj i.e. the complete independence seeking the upcoming goal of India.

Looking at the future of India at that time it was decided that on January 26, the whole India country should be celebrated as Swaraj Day. Then on 26 January 1930, he was celebrated as Independence Day for the first time. Since then, he was celebrated similarly by 1947 and after going, our India country has been recognized as the Day of Technology Day from August 15, 1947.

However, due to the Republic Day due to the republic of India on 26th January, the new constitution of India was also announced.


In our India country, this Republic Day i.e. on 26th January, it is celebrated with great fanfare and brother fodder. On the occasion of this Republic Day, we remember all the freedom fighters and are encouraged to demonstrate their pride with patriotism to all citizens.

We should never forget the struggle of freedom to the people who worked forward to pursue the country. This should help us to take further the future of India with celebration.

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